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Weight issues for Nexus Prime, more Droid than S II

Back on September 9, 2011 a possible design for the Samsung Nexus Prime was outed, and just a few days ago this was followed up with what specs we can expect, as well as a possible release date for another Sammy handset, the Galaxy S III. Now we have something that you might want to know, a 4Chan user has had some hands-on time with the upcoming Prime handset, we just hope that what they say is genuine.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the weight issue, it seems as if it is more like a Droid with its weighty feel instead of a Galaxy S II. This is a good thing for most, as there is no doubt that the S2 (common name) was considered a little too fragile. Whenever you think Droid you think sturdy, and that is just what you will get with the Prime – if in fact this is the final design model.

We do expect a few changes here and there, as according to Android and Me, this was a beta model; having said that, it looks very much like a final retail version. The Prime looks to have some very impressive specs, such as a 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, but it pales in comparison to the Galaxy S III. You should expect some decent battery performance, as Samsung has packed a 2000 mAh battery – again we cannot be certain if this will stay in the final version.

The Nexus Prime seems to be full of positives, take the performance that too seems to be very impressive as well. Normally when a beta model is tested there is one or two issues, such as lag, but the lucky reviewer said that the Prime was “blazingly fast,” which could have something to do with it running Ice Cream Sandwich.

It does make you wonder if Samsung has paid off 4Chan, as the whole hands-on experience was very positive – just maybe it truly is an amazing phone?



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