Increased gas prices ensure electric vehicles potential

By Peter Chubb - Sep 21, 2011

The price of a gallon of gas has fallen over the past few days, and should fall even lower next month. However, let’s not fool ourselves here, things will not stay like this and the increased gas prices will only help to ensure the future of the electric vehicle. Currently the full potential of this technology is not being realized, but it will not always be this way.

There are three reasons for this; the first is that there is still that dependency on gasoline, the second is that the fuel savings made can no way justify the price of an EV. However, the biggest issue is the practicality of the technology, as it is all very well if you just want to drive to and from work locally, but not if you want to go on vacation or have to travel further than your batteries allow.

For now the middle ground is still the hybrid, as it offers the best of both worlds – although in some cases a clean diesel offers a better mpg return. However, carmakers have realized this and have now started to offer hybrid diesels, which had a good showing during the Frankfurt Auto Show this year. The moment that drivers rebel and decide that enough is enough, only then will the likes of Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW etc be able to bring the cost down.

An electric vehicle is a little like the first laptops and desktops, expensive at first but as popularity grows then the price tag will shrink. Once there are more EVs on the road then there is the issue with charging stations – well we have a theory on that. Currently there are not many of these charging stations, but if these electric vehicle become more popular then there is a way to increase the rollout these stations to charge the batterers in your Leaf or whatever other model you happen to be driving – parking meters.

There are millions of parking meters around the world, so why not upgrade them. Not only would you be able to pay to park but also charge your vehicle at the same time. Do you believe this to be a good idea?

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  • Mizu Ardra

    At the moment there exists something similar to the chicken and egg problem. Until there is a reliable and affordable infrastructure for charging spots, consumers will be reluctant to make the relatively high investment in EVs. On the other hand, building the EV charging network is justified only if widespread adoption of EVs has been achieved or is expected in the near future.

    The parking meters theory is good. Having charging capabilities at parking spots is just as practical as having power points in garages for overnight charging. We are at a critical stage in the development of an EV market. At this point, significant industry funding is essential for building an efficient charging infrastructure for injecting confidence in the consumer market.