Resistance publisher shifting focus, PS4 release doubtful

There seems to be mixed feelings when it comes to the review of Resistance 3, which seems a shame, as it is a good game when all is said and done – so why are sales so poor? The game has only managed to shift around 274,000 copies, which considering the install base of the PS3 is a little shocking. There are many reasons why things are going wrong, but it is believed that the publisher is shifting its focus – no not to the PS4 either.

There is reason to believe that Sony Computer Entertainment has forgotten about the PlayStation console and are now putting a huge percentage of their effort into the upcoming handheld. Now we are not saying that Sony are abandoning the Resistance franchise, rather just making the Vita launch as big as they possible can – just a shame that the PS3 title has to suffer because of it.

MMGN are a little confused, as they thought that Resistance 3 was meant to receive a huge launch; so how come it is considered to be one of the most shocking videogame launches of all time? These next few months are the busiest when it comes to launches in the gaming market, Battlefield 3 is just around the corner, as is MW3 and Uncharted 3; you would have thought that Sony would have made more of an effort?

Maybe we are reading too much into this, as the Resistance franchise was never the strongest from Sony, but still just over three quarters of a million copies is laughable. The biggest issue for us has to be the lack of marketing, how much have they really pushed the new game? There could be a simple explanation to this, but we cannot help but feel that Resistance is a dying franchise.



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