Mysterious problem affecting Droid Bionic

By Gary Johnson - Sep 20, 2011

Recently the much delayed Motorola Droid Bionic was finally released to eager consumers to get their hands on. So far the majority of owners are really happy with the handset despite the issues surrounding battery life, which is not a problem restricted to the Bionic though. Now today we have news that a mysterious problem has been affecting the Droid Bionic for some users.

Engadget are reporting via the Motorola owners forums that some owners have reported a strange high-pitched sound when listening to media via a set of headphones. There are pages of owners complaining about the same noise, so it looks to be quite a big problem.

Owners are reporting they are being met with clicks and a background noise, which has been described as some sort of whiny pitch. Some of the owners on the forums have said they have recorded the noise, so they can try and get the problem solved by Motorola or Verizon. It is not currently known if it is a software glitch or a hardware problem.

One forum member posted “I had a huge feedback/whine when listening to Pandora. Everything was fine until I got a notification and the whine just about blew out the PC speakers. I couldn’t hear the music at all”.

The post length is lengthening all the time and at the time of writing there are eighteen pages of annoyed owners. You would have thought Motorola are working with Verizon on the problem before lots of owners return their handsets.

Do you have the Motorola Droid Bionic and have the same problem?

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  • Tlk2it

    I just got Bionic 4 days ago and the high pitch, ear piercing noice which resembles very much of the sound of a fax line, its a terrible sound.  Does anyone have any idea what it is and how to fix this ???  HELP!!!

  • Cchortonfamily

    Yes I have this problem too. I cant hear it when I play through my car stereo (using a cassette adaptor). Very obvious when I have my headphones though. I can’t keep the phone if this isn’t fixed. Bummer too, otherwise a really sweet phone.

  • steve i’m having that problem and the clicking noise, i’m also having problems with the phone staying connected to the network. 

  • Stevefuku

    Anyone experiencing problems with Droid losing apps?  Certain downloaded apps mysteriously dissappears from the phone whenever I shut down the phone and restart it.  The icons still appear on the desktop but when you press on it, a message appears saying the app is not installed on the phone…weird!

  • Tzar76

    Mines all good play Pandora all the time through my car speakers..hmmm interesting

  • Tzar76

    Mines all good play Pandora all the time through my car speakers..hmmm interesting

  • Type1fan

    I am having the same issue when using PowerAmp or watching videos on Nerflix.  I get the whine with PowerAmp and the clicking with Netflix.