Dwindling Google Plus activity: User abandonment?

When Google+ aka Plus was first launched it was only open to a select few, then once others were allowed to join we had an unlimited number of invites to share. Now it seems that there is only a limited number of invites left (I have 150) and it is this that could spell disaster for the new project, as this has now had an effect on growth. Over the past few weeks we have noticed dwindling activity, which points to user abandonment.

When Google+ was first launched it was seen as something new and fresh, which is why it took no time to achieve 20 million users. The main reason was how slick it all was, and the fact that it had much more features to offer when compared to Facebook. However, it did not take long for the number one social network to implement some of these new features themselves.

It is hard to know just what has gone wrong, but The Express Tribune believes that Google+ is an epic fail, but why? They do have one or two ideas, such as older people building something for people much younger than them – but that seems a little absurd. We believe that people do not like change, as Facebook already works, why move from something that is already working just fine – well apart from one or two issues that is?

We can clearly see that activity has been decreasing, over the past two months there have been over 40 percent less posts going on to Google+. It’s a shame because the new service promised so much, but we all knew that it was a novelty and that interest would begin to die down. Google has clearly stated that they are in it for the long haul, and will continue to develop their social networking service – just hope they do not put too much money into the project.



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