Customization enhancements for new Samsung Apps

There is now a new version of Samsung Apps, and from what we have been told there are a number of enhancements that will make customization much easier than before. Before we get down to the good stuff of what new features there are, we need to tell you that there will only be support for Wave and Bada 2.0 smartphones. We do not have a specific date, but are informed that the global release of the new service will be towards the end of the year.

There are many updates that will make the user experience easier and better, such as an updated purchase option, improved UI, and more, which we will get to in a moment. Samsung Apps is now two years old, so now is the time that the South Korean company needs to step things up and show rivals that they are serious with their app program.

There are five key features that need to be pointed out; the first is that new user interface. The overall look has seen a number of improvements, as well as some new features as well. For those of you who use Bada 2.0, you will notice just how similar the UI now is. The new purchasing options that we mentioned above comes with two new choices, these are Try’n Play and Rent’n Play.

Thirdly we have the new app recommendation service called Smart Mode. You need to activate this feature before you get going, only then will you be able to recommend an app to a friend. Next up we have Wish List. This is a little like what you would see on an online store, where you are browsing and then save something that you might want to visit again later, in this case an app. The final feature that needs to be pointed out has to be the new marketing enhancements, as this now gives developers and publishers added benefits, such as promoting their applications. In other Samsung news, they now plan to fully back their Bada OS, which you can read more on here.



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