Broadband Speed Test: Do you live in the UKs slowest town?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 20, 2011

There have been a lot of reports recently regarding the speeds that consumers are getting with their broadband connections. ISPs have been criticized that they are failing to provide the service that customers are signing up for. Now there is a new report that is looking at the situation with broadband speed tests, so do you live in the UKs slowest town?

Some of the UKs residents are experiencing painfully slow internet connections, and The Guardian are reporting that people living in Halesworth in Suffolk, are getting the countries slowest broadband. People living on Mount Pleasant Street experience average broadband speeds of a lowly 0.128 megabits per second. This area came top of the slowest streets in the UK for broadband speed.

This will mean anyone wanting to download a movie to watch will have to wait around 48 hours for it, or a short music track would take around one and half hours. It’s not just residents living in rural areas that suffer from slow broadband. Streets in the likes of Glasgow and Southampton feature in the slowest fifty areas.

Affluent areas are affected as well, as Chislehurst in Kent that is only a few miles outside of London also feature in the list. The research was recently carried out by comparison site uSwitch between the months of March to August. They tested 1.5 million streets across the country to compile the list.

The south of England is the worst affected in the country with West Sussex and Hampshire faring badly. It was found the average speed was 6.8Mbps, but the fastest was, Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. Residents here get average speeds of 19Mbps, which allows a full length movie to be downloaded in five minutes.

Consumers are advised to check there download speeds regularly to make sure they get the best package available in their area. What speed do you normally get and are you happy with it?

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  • Colinwh

    Forget the speeds for a minute – as from yesterday the BT internet service has not been working and I have been unable to get hold of their service support due to the long long waits.
    I can still get the internet through a service provider but BT is proving less than reliable.

  • Guest

    “People living on Mount Pleasant Street experience average broadband speeds of a lowly 0.128 megabytes per second.”Are you sure it’s megaBYTES? That sounds a bit high to the be the lowest speed. You do realise that Mbps stands for megaBITS per secondm right? MBps is megabytes per second.

    • Mulmul83

      All download speed supposed to be measure in mbps which is mega bit per second. Never really measure in bytes unless for file size