More Battlefield 3 open beta release date hints

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2011

As we enter the start of another week, we are still no clearer to knowing when the release date for the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 open beta will be, officially that is. Rumors are still continuing to pour in though and we have yet more speculation to share with you.

The last we heard on the beta, is that the beta will be launching on September 27th, and that Medal of Honor buyers will gain entry to the beta first along with those who participated in the recent alpha beta trial for the game.

However, fresh information has revealed that the beta could be coming as soon as next week, according to a Tweet from a user who apparently spoke to some EA execs at the recent GAMEfest 2011 event in the UK which took place. Obviously it isn’t much to go on, but it does cast a shadow of doubt over the September 27 release date that seems to be a date which gamers believe is official.

Here’s the Tweet in question just to let you know: “According to attendees, some of the EA guys at #GAMEfest today were saying the #BF3 beta will be on Live in the next week or so……”

As most of you know, the beta isn’t thought to be exclusive on Xbox 360 and will kick off on all three platforms, we’re hoping at the same time. If the above information is correct, then we expect PS3 and PC gamers to gain access to the beta as well.

EA and DICE on the other hand, continue to remain silent on the situation, evident in a recent Tweet from Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros which fans will see as yet more frustration as they try to gain access into the beta:

“Not discussing beta details until we are ready to. Asking 1 million times will not get you an answer nor will it come sooner.”

So what have we learned here folks? Not much, only that the beta may or may not be starting within seven days, which could mean that EA DICE drop official details sometime this week – we hope anyway.

Are you desperately looking for a way into the beta? Have you received your email from EA yet?

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  • Marcus Sucram01


  • Dylan_hepstall2007

    hurry up and come out with the damn beta already!

  • Toyosupra22

     last year i bought MOH LE with battlefield 3 beta invitation.  i got an email 2 months ago on july 20,2011. i have’nt heard from them since!!…..I still check my email every morning hoping theres something but no luck

  • Rob

    gears 3, couldn’t lace BF3’s boots.

  • Jon Langevin

    Soo…. what week does the 27th occur? Oh, that’s right, “next week”… So, this new rumor is yet again, nothing new…

  • King_of_time

    Second quote sounds like my girlfriend

  • ATC

    uhhhmmmm of course its not JUST gonna be on xbox noob.

  • Crashedmymomscar

    I check my email right when i wake up every day

    • Josequi1234

      So do I!

  • Sean

    CAN’T WAIT MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CHOKENuts

    im thinking sep 27. but gears 3 will keep my mind off of it for quite some time.

  • hmmmm?

    Still no email…… “fingers crossed” 

  • hmmmm?

    Still no email…… “fingers crossed” 

  • Derping-writers

    lolz, alpha beta.

  • Capt.Obvious

    Ummmm….next week is the 27th??? Of course this will be released by next week. Dice/EA already stated the beta will be released in September. Well next week is the last week of September.

    • WheelieDon

      Same thing I thought Capt.  Sept 27 looks to be the obvious date, since PSN seems to update on Tuesdays.  You would think when these knuckle heads write these stories they would look at the date before submitting 🙂