Misdirection over iPhone 5 release

By Peter Chubb - Sep 19, 2011

Apple is like a magician, as they have been involved in misdirection when it comes to the iPhone 5 release. We say this because of what has been happening in recent weeks and months; all of what has been going on, like the loss of a new handset to the ongoing issue with Samsung makes you concentrate on these issue and not what Apple is doing with its other hand – just like what a magician does.

International Business Times has noticed this, and believes that Apple has been very clever at doing this, and believes that the only reason that they have done this is to take media attention away from the current issues that has been affecting the fifth-generation iPhone. This phone is late to the smartphone party for many reasons, so the only thing that Apple could do to redirect some of the awkward questions away as to why it is late is offer a distraction – well plural in this case.

However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Apple is also worried about the gains that Samsung have been making in the smartphone market share. There are certainly some big things going on behind the scenes, why else would the iPhone 5 keep getting delayed – well we say delay but it cannot be if there has never been a release date mentioned officially?

The most recent rumor suggests an announcement in early October, with the release happening shortly after. However, we have since heard that the iPhone could be released even later due to a series of issues with the A5 chip overheating in the upcoming handset. If this is true, then one can understand why Apple would want to redirect our focus onto something else – such as the Galaxy S II and Tab 10.1. However, this dispute could soon take a u-turn, as Samsung could make a move to block the release of the iPhone 5.

However, the biggest misdirection over the release of the iPhone 5 has to be the shift in power from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook. Apple must have known for some time that this was going to happen, but decided to inform us a few weeks ago just to take our eye of the ball – that ball is the iPhone 5.

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  • Stephen Farr

    I have been told by an optus sales manager that apple is not delivering on their agreed product release as agreed with optus. The phone I had assumed I had preordered on the Saturday of the 15th will not be available as the numbers re too low and the preorders are turning into a rain check. This was only discovered when I went to the effort to ring the Parabanks Optus store and was told that their system was faulty and that the preorders would not be honoured except as rain checks. In such a large organisation I am continually scratching my head at the lack of organisation and inefficiencies among departments. This is one unhappy iphone fan who up to now was looking forward to the release of this phone. Should have dealt with Samsung or LG, there never seems to be problems like this. get your act together guys.