Making the Modern Warfare 3 release more social

It does not matter what you release these days, without a social presence you cannot expect to have a great future – even a company selling you milkshake or cheese knows the importance of this. With this in mind, it’s obvious that making the Modern Warfare 3 release more social is very important. Okay, so we know that they already have more than enough exposure – but the more the better right?

The experience that we already have with the current Call of Duty games is already better than most, but that does not mean that it’s perfect. Black Ops (which now has another new update) is already far more social than its predecessors, but MW3 aims to take it to the next level – how we hear you ask? There are now steps being taken to release new apps for iOS and Android devices, which will allow Modern Warfare 3 gamers to interact far easier than they have ever done before.

Some of these new apps will utilize COD Elite, which Genuine Gamers says will help “fans play together better.” This new system will not only use apps though, they will also use Facebook, which as we know is still the most popular way to keep in touch with friends socially. Some of you may wonder what will be so different with MW3 when it comes to the social experience; thankfully Genuine Gamers has been speaking to spokesmen Robert Bowling and Michael Condrey from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games respectively.

Firstly Condrey says that groups will now be able to interact easier than ever before with other Modern Warfare 3 gamers, allowing you to join groups in a similar way that you can with Black Ops. Then there is the way that you can manage clans, which is where the social aspect comes in. Once you get to grips with these new features you can then track your stats socially, analyze yours and your friends weapons, and also upload videos and screenshots of you in action. You can do this in YouTube, but much better in one central place wouldn’t you agree?

All we can say is prepare yourself, because not only will you be spending most of your time on Modern Warfare 3, but what little time you have left will be spent sharing your experience on these new social features.



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