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Close up with Samsung Nexus Prime: Earlier Verizon release

There is still much confusion over the official release date for the Samsung Nexus Prime, but one guy has managed to get close up with the device. You may wonder what this means for you and I; well the one that was shown to him looks as though there could be an earlier Verizon release than we first thought. This all happened after the Big Red Developer conference had wrapped up at Las Vegas.

During that conference there was no sign of said phone, so you can imagine how shocked The Droid Guy’s source was when he was shown what he now believes is the Nexus Prime or Droid Prime as Verizon looks to be calling the device. So why do we now think that this is Verizon’s version and that they will be getting it sooner?

Well the first thing is down to its size, it’s slightly taller and fatter than what we have seen previously, which means that it has to be packing an LTE radio. Other features of the handset shown included an 8-megapixel camera to the rear and 2-megapixel up front. Three other features included HDMI, MHL and NFC. One other feature that was clear to see was the ‘Home’ button, which some of our readers believe to be a bad move for Samsung.

However, one of our readers did point out all that is out there is a developers unit, so should not be on the final version – although this might not be the case with the unit that was shown to the lucky guy from that Developer’s Conference.

If we are to believe what was said in that little secret meeting between the two men in Las Vegas, then the Nexus ‘Droid’ Prime will be released in October or early November. This means that what we reported a few days back ‘Could’ be wrong, although those dates have never been made official. Whatever happens, this phone should be in your hands in time for you to search out some bargains during Black Friday or the busy Holiday Season.



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