Samsung/Dell Windows 8 tablet lags behind next-gen iPad 3

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2011

Earlier this week we looked at how Windows 8 would have an extremely fast boot time on SSD, which could beat Mac OS X Lion. This was followed up with a busy week for Microsoft as they promoted what their new operating system will be capable of, starting with a showcase in front of developers.

This was followed up with a developer preview build, and we posted the requirements and download links for this. These included both 64-bit and 32-bit editions, and the same day we posted a hands-on with Windows 8 that showed how to dual boot that OS with Windows 7. Some of our readers pointed out that they left Windows for many reasons, and turning back to Microsoft seemed like an impossible thought. Do you feel the same way?

While the preview is an early version of Windows 8, there has been a Samsung tablet prototype on show that some people feel could help Microsoft in their battle with Apple. This idea sounds good on paper, but Apple has its feet pretty solid in the tablet market and it would take something very special to take market share.

Fans of Microsoft will love the new Windows 8 features and how it will better integrate smartphone, tablet, and desktop computers, although this is something Apple has already done with the iPhone, iPod, Mac OS, Apple TV and iPad. Apple products are known to work better together, which helps them sell more of their products to the same customer. With iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud, Apple will only improve its postion.

No other brand has been able to take on the iPad, which entered the market when millions wanted a tablet device but other brands were not ready with the right product. This is not Apple fanboyism but rather fact, some brands lead with innovation while others copy.

There are other analysts that see this as the perfect time for Microsoft to compete, thanks to their dominance in the computer desktop market with 90 percent of desktops. Microsoft entering the tablet market and brining the same integration between its phones, tablets, and computers could mean success.

Another advantage over the iPad is that Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet will be available on a diverse range of hardware, although this has not helped those that have entered the market already.

When you enter a store and see an iPad 3 next to a Windows 8 tablet from Dell and Samsung, will it be an easy choice?

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    “This is not Apple fanboyism but rather fact, some brands lead with innovation while others copy.”

    i know the ipod touch was an innovation, but the ipad is just a big ipod touch with 3g, it only did well because it had an apple logo.
    if dell or samsung came out with a tablet instead of apple i think people would have laughed at it, calling it a “ipod touch that wont fit in your pocket”.
    so the fanboys bought it, then other people warmed up to it.
    thats just my opinion

  • hadeze

    thanks, but no thanks to MS & its products … disgusted by past non-performance of MS products