Preceding Battlefield 3 release date: Beta key and freebies

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 17, 2011

Some of our readers would have already ordered their copy of Battlefield 3 long before the release date, but if you haven’t done that just yet and are certain you want to pre-order BF3 then you should check out what Origin are doing to promote their digital content download service.

By heading to you’ll be able to see an offer that gives you the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, a beta key with early access up to 48-hours before, and the full “Back To Kardkand” expansion pack that features 4 BF2 maps that have been re-imaged in high definition. Other freebies include Play4Free items like the Beret for Battlefield Play4Free and an 807 Combat Shotgun.

More benefits include the “Physical Warfare Pack”, which gives you some help thanks to extra guns, these include the DAO-12 Shotgun with Flechette ammo, a flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle, and a Type 88 LMG that comes with a bipod. You can see some of this extra firepower in action, thanks to a video below this article.

We heard a few rumors that Origin were also giving away a free copy of Dead Space 2 thanks to a partnership with EA, we tried to add this to our basket but they wanted to charge us. So it looks like that rumor was either false, or thanks to a limited number of copies, we missed out.

The game will launch on October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Those of our readers in the UK/Europe will have to wait 3 days longer. Apple iPhone and iPad owners will also get a port of Battlefield 3.

You may be interested in reading more about the Battlefield 3 open beta and how it has made Medal of Honor buyers mad in this article.

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  • Anonymous

    I also got dead space 2, I had to go on EA live chat and ask. Pre-ordered BF3 on 24th Aug

  • Lee Crystal

    I pre-odered 2 BF3 games and got a free game; Mass Effect 2. I had a choice of 3 different ones. (I can’t recall what the other two were now.)

  • Josh

    Just so you know, I actually called Origin about Dead SPace 2 promo (I ordered BF3 back in early August through Origin) and they simply applied Dead Space 2 to my account…played it last night. Just a thought.

  • The rumor is not false, you must contact support, I used their live chat and ask them to activate it for you! Be ready with your order number and email. Also it only applies to prorders from September 1rst and later.