Newbie tackling not in FIFA 12 demo: Review

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 17, 2011

This is our first impressions of FIFA 12, which is due to be released at the end of this month and looks to completely change the way you tackle, making it that much harder for those new to FIFA games.

When you first start playing the FIFA 12 demo you’ll noticed a slightly different feel to the game with nothing jumps out as a major change to its predecessor, although this line of thought starts to change the longer you play the demo.

The matches are only 3 minutes a half, this goes extremely fast, so you’ll find yourself pressing rematch a lot. After an hours play, maybe sooner for die-hard fans, you’ll notice a few key changes to FIFA 12. At first it was the natural look of players and the more lifelike feel to the game that was noticeable, then you start to find that this version will be no pushover when it comes to tackling.

In FIFA 11 the newbie player, and so-called “lazy tackler”, could easily hold down R2 and X buttons on the PS3 controller and this would chase down the player with the ball, and then tackle them automatically. This practice was a pretty good way to get the ball, and only those much more experienced could find a better way. In FIFA 12 these same buttons will also chase down the player with the ball, but this time they will not tackle the opposing player.

This small change makes it a lot harder for the newbie player to tackle, and means you’ll need skill to win the ball back. The demo reviewers and those that have early access to the “almost” final code both rate the game high, and while most of the changes are “under the hood”, after playing the demo for an hour you get a feeling of “I want the full game”. Going back to playing FIFA 11 feels very different and “older”, showing that the little things add up to a much slicker game.

Little things like the spinning EA logo have a nice feel to them, making it feel like you’re watching a big match on TV. The presentation of the game has a bigger “wow” factor. You can see a video below this article that shows FIFA 12 precision dribbling in action, with tips on how to dribble slow and with skill.

If you’ve played the demo, how have you found the new tackling system? Do you like it, and how much has it challenged you? You may want to read about new FIFA 12 features in this article, and a transfer update preview here.

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  • Kellywilson07

    so basically xbox live ranked matches are all going to finish 8-7 because nobody will be able to tackle??  I don’t like the sound of that

  • Pauljuandemarco

    EA have it spot on with the new tackling system. It completely opens up the options to both attack and defend in different styles!
    They’ve made defending as important as attacking and wiped out “pressure abusers” (holding in x constantly) the players that are serious about FIFA and pour hours into it throughout the year will master the new defending controls and the game is so much better for it.
    Please EA, don’t bow to the casual gamers elands that are simply too lazy to learn a new control system!!!

    • Sergio Donato

      Yes, but videogaming is not a job. At least, only for some kind of journalism. 
      VG is fun!
      Learning is not equal to stressing.Obviously, this equation is individual.

  • Sergio Donato

    Another thing.The learning curve has to interface with the level of simulation. The more we push harder on simulation, more will be difficult to control with current “controls”.
    It’s a stuff for professionals.
    But, EA, and all the others?
    Basic levels are preposterous. CPU players acting like zombies. And then?
    No. Fifa12 is not for my euro money.

  • Mrwoo9

    i love the FIFA games and FIFA 12 is no different,however ive found the tackling on the demo quite difficult!and looking at the comments made by most on here,im not alone!maybe on the others it was too easy and im hoping its something that im gonna get used to

  • Dave Of Donny

    Tackling on FIFA 11 was too easy, and on the demo its gone too far the other way making it too difficult, maybe finding some middle ground would have been better, like maybe holding down the chase/tackle button has a timer that runs out, or something along them lines (I’m no games designer!), but hey, for all us that like the FIFA series, we have no choice but to get used to it, I can see me conceeding a few goals this season!


    • Zl86

      actually I do have a choice and my choice is I wont be buying this piece a crap

  • Randialya

    ea plz put back the old defending cuz tactical defending is ridiculous hated it

    • Matt Busell

      Why would EA do that ? finally they have the same type of skill required to attack implemented into the defensive side of the game. You can’t get away with constant pressure abuse, you actually have to time your tackles correctly to win possession back. It allows people to play a variety of styles rather than been forced to rush play, to try and maintain ball possession. I think most parts of the game are the best they’ve ever been in FIFA, more realistic collision detection (no more constant rebounds back to the attacking player) when the likes of Ronaldo are running at you, skill moves aren’t guaranteed to beat you with consummate ease. It just feels like a genuine challenge now. 

      I hope EA don’t listen to those whining about the control change if you’re not happy with it stick to playing unranked matches anything that makes a game more challenging but realistic at the same time (after all, they’re trying to be a simulation) is a good move in my books. It’s the 1st FIFA I’ve enjoyed to the level of the Pro Evo games back in the PS2 days that’s how good it is to me. 

      Players who work on tactical elements of the game I hope will be more rewarded this time! if not there’s always #PES 2012 to play.

  • Syed Miah7

    I have been a fifa player since fifa 09. I use to play pes 6 and 8 a lot. But when i played fifa 09 i completely lost the joy of playing (pes). Every year i cant wait for the next fifa to come out. But unfortunately this year i would have to think differently after playing fifa12. I am so disappointant with the defencesive system. It realy puts me off n i cant see myself getting use to this awful defencesive system. It has ruined the best football game ever. What were they thinking! I just dont see the joy of playing fifa 12 thank to the new defencesive system. I dont have to explain myself cause as you can see other user have all ready mentioned the problem with the game. I actualy find pes12 realy better than fifa 12 now. Fifa has to change this stupid idea of theirs back to normal or else they going to find their users playing pes instead fifa. Fifa better do something about it or else an also goin to leave fifa for pes. Seriously not happy with fifa 12 at all!!!

  • Benc103

    As someone who clocked up the 100G achievement for 50 hours of on-field play on Fifa11, I was really looking forward to the ‘innovative’ changes that I heard so much about in the run up to the demo release. New versions of Fifa have always felt different at first, but the benefits have always been obvious. Sadly, I can’t say the same about the changes in Fifa12. Yes, the graphics and presentation are better (as you would expect), but the new defensive tackling has completely ruined the game for me. Is it more akin to real football? Maybe. In real matches there is more jockeying and more blocking of passing lanes, rather than constant physical pressure and tackling. But in Fifa12 this has been translated in nothing less than a completely frustrating manner. You now have 2 options: 1. Either you or an AI teammate jockey the attacker, but the defender stands so far away that the attacker just runs around you or passes/shoots. It acheives nothing. 2. The foot-in tackle, which is ridiculous! The defender lunges with the dexterity of a dwarfish hippo. It pulls the defender completely out of position, and yet again the attacker just runs around the defender or passes/shoots. Think of these 2 options when an attacker is cutting in to the penalty box at pace – there’s just nothing you can do other than hope the attacker runs into you or your lunge is lucky enough to catch the ball (seemingly random).
    As someone who has bought a footy game every year since the PS1, has gone thorugh the brilliant PES years into the brilliant Fifa years (08-11), I cannot tell you how disappointed I am! So much so that i’m not buying Fifa or PES (£40 dictates a higher level of demand than ‘Manchester Red’) this year, unless the actual Fifa game plays differently.
    NHL12 will have to replace them.

  • Adrianr2583

    The new tackling has really killed the fun of this game. If it may be true that FIFA 11 may have been too easy at times too tackle, FIFA 12 is too unrealistically difficult. Specially if the other player wants to use some clock. The game is not enjoyable anymore.

    • dannydusty312

      For everyone complaining about the new defending, you realise there is an option to change it back to how it was in previous years?

    • dannydusty312

      For everyone complaining about the new defending, you realise there is an option to change it back to how it was in previous years?

  • Bob

    I have just whacked out the demo playing as every team and so far the tackling has taken some of the enjoyment out, holdIng down X get near(ish) the player and slows down and too far away to tackle :s its slow and less fun let’s hope release version Is better considering i pretty much live on FIFA 11 atm

  • Bob

    I have just whacked out the demo playing as every team and so far the tackling has taken some of the enjoyment out, holdIng down X get near(ish) the player and slows down and too far away to tackle :s its slow and less fun let’s hope release version Is better considering i pretty much live on FIFA 11 atm

  • CraigW9885

    I don’t like it, although I am what you dubbed a “lazy tackler” and I suppose if I were to play the game long enough I would get used to it!

    • sergio

      For me Fifa12 will remain on the shelves. Too much frustrating. When i think to play demo i say in my mind: “oh, no. Not now. I don’t to waste time in matches like those.” So, maybe it’s my fault or only my impressions. And i’m not alone, as i can see.