Sony’s external battery for PS Vita – Double or quits for consumers

By Alan Ng - Sep 16, 2011

If you have been watching Sony’s PS Vita coverage during this year’s Tokyo Game Show in Japan, you may be worried that all the exciting features on the device, not to mention 3G data support may end up bruising consumers in terms of overall battery life.

Well, your fears are about to be eased as Sony has just confirmed that an additional extended battery will be available for the device, promising to offer that extra bit of juice which will be handy on long trips on the road or on public transport.

As most of you probably already know, the Vita will be able to manage three to five hours of gameplay on the standard battery, which obviously isn’t nothing to boast about if you expected a few more hours – the original PSP can handle around 5-6 hours as it is don’t forget. The good news, is that Sony are obviously aware of battery life fears and have revealed to IGN that a solution is under way.

Here is a quote from Worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida: “If you have noticed, we have just announced the peripherals for PS Vita. And one of the peripherals is the external battery. That extends the battery life of PS Vita. If you’re flying from New York to San Francisco or vice versa, you’ll have no concerns if you have the additional external battery.”

By ‘no concerns’ does he mean that that the external battery will offer a significant increase in battery life? As that is the main question that everyone will be asking now, and it’s probably the new factor which will make or break consumer’s decision to buy the device when it finally becomes available. Then of course there is the little matter of how much is the external battery pack going to cost as an additional extra?

The real breakthrough will come when analysis is conducted on these external batteries, so we’ll have to hang on until then. If you are thinking of picking up a Vita, give us your thoughts on the standard 3-5 hours of battery life and your opinions on this extra battery that Sony are planning.

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  • Infamous

    The big problem i have with sony and its psvita is sony decided to forget about the millions of psp owner who brought 16-32GB memory stick for the psp which costed 100-200.. Just so they can make ALOT of money from overpriced new memory cards:/ But they are going to lose alot of sales just for that only:))) I personally was going to get 1 until i found out the the psp and pspgo memory card wont work! LOL
    It’s all a scam!!! Watch the redesign psvita will use another sony new memory card that wont work with the old psvita!!! But most sony fans are just plain stupid to know the real sony

  • Canoe_polo4

    Sounds like the same rubbish from the drama queens of doom we heard from in the pre-release period for the Nintendo 3GS. I didn’t have major problems with the battery life of that device in real life.

    • Anonymous

      Yup – there seems to be a ‘desire to see things fail’ in the videogame industry (and in journalism more broadly) at the moment – tall poppy syndrome gone more than a dash insane.  No shortage of “journalists” that either lack emotional development, or like preying on others that lack it.