Droid Bionic: Extended battery concerns – More juice, but less sex appeal

By Alan Ng - Sep 16, 2011

If you are yet to pick up the Droid Bionic, there’s a good chance that your reasoning for not doing so is because of a lack of uncertainty over the duration that the shipped battery can last for when juiced up churning out 4G LTE data.

Early signs are far from perfect, with many reviews touching upon potential worries with the battery life. However, the one positive note about this issue that there is a secondary extended battery available if you feel like the Droid Bionic is not perfoming as well as it should be.

If you are considering buying the extended battery from Verizon for $25.99, which you probably should since it’s still half price for the time being, then you will have to part ways with a considerable chunk of ‘sexiness’ on your Droid Bionic, as the battery is noticably bigger and will add that extra bit of luggage inside your pocket.

[pic: Droid-Life]

If style isn’t an issue for you at all, then we really would recommend it. It is becoming more and more apparent that 4G LTE data seriously eats away at your battery life, so paying $25 for a 2760mAh battery as opposed to the shipped 1735mAh battery is a pretty big difference, one which you should notice right away when resuming with your daily Bionic duties.

Of course, we’ve also heard the argument that Motorola and Verizon shouldn’t be charging extra for a secondary Droid Bionic battery when the standard one doesn’t work as well as it should – have no lessons been learnt from the Thunderbolt after all? Either way, customers are going to have to make a decision sooner or later on whether to sacrifice the Droid Bionic’s sex appeal for more battery juice in the long run.

What are your opinions on this argument? Most of you will probably agree that the extra battery is worth the money, but are you more concerned about the extra weight and looks of the Bionic once the battery is equipped inside?

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  • Gjn519

    I actually like the extended battery and cover better. I like the extra weight it adds and the feel of it in my hand. It feels more solid and provides a better grip.

  • Spudland

    That sale didn’t last long….it’s back to $49.99 already

    • S_kastel

      It is still on sale.  You have to add it to your cart before it shows the sale price.

  • Aquateentimmy

    Thats why they offer two options. Some people who are not heavy users can get by charging the phone daily. Other people who are power users can opt for the larger battery. Life is all about choices. Some of us remember when the kind of things these phones do was impossible. Now everybody cries when a two ounce battery doesnt last a week. Give the battery tech a while to catch up. There are some big things on the horizon for batteries. And if room temp superconductors ever happen then everything changes. Its only been a few years. Be patient.

    • Rangerescortexplorer

      The media always jumps on the negative side of an issue. I’ve had several smart phones with huge extended batteries, but this one is puny compared to them . I purchased the bionic with the extended battery & optional case & holster . You are right on, they’ve come a long way & they are still improving.

  • Anonymous

    Mine too. Its not near as big as your making look and im getting well over 30 hours out of it. If you don’t like it then stay 3g with your skinny little phone.

  • ripp2002

    What a joke of a picture… how big are you trying to make it look… my extended battle js just fine.

    • Denpad2010

      You right is not that bad

    • Lageverckl

      I know right! And who buys a phone for ” Sex Appeal” anyways?