New Facebook feature: The subscribe button – Rival to Google Plus Circles?

You probably don’t realise it yet, but Facebook has introduced yet another change to the social-networking site which adds brand new functionality to it. After tweaking their infamous privacy settings yet again, the company has now added a new Facebook feature called the Subscribe button.

Essentially, the Subscribe button is a brand new way to revamp your news feed on Facebook, as it will allow you to have a tailor made news feed, just seeing the content you want to see, and less of the content you are not so bothered about seeing each day – like silly game-based score updates to name an example.

The most interesting aspect of the Subscribe button even allows users to subscribe to other Facebook users that are not on their friends list, making it easier for the social circles of users to expand without causing potential rifts, which may happen with the previous method of just ‘ignoring a friend request’. After having a preview of what the subscribe button is about over at the official Facebook Blog, it seems like this is a direct attempt to offer Facebook users a similar experience to that seen over at Google Plus.

Those of you with a Google Plus account will know that adding friends is pain-free and remarkably easy thanks to Circles, and perhaps it is this ease in expanding social connections that Facebook look to emulate with their subscribe button. You’ll be pleased to know that the new feature isn’t turned on by default yet, so you’ll have to visit the official subscribe page here to switch it on.

This new feature will now allow users to subscribe to figures they wouldn’t normally be able to, like celebrities, journalists and other important people in the world that you’re interested in hearing more about, but not having to directly approach them with a friend request – which again is pleasing.

Anything that offers a change to pointless ‘automatic’ updates in the news feed is welcome in our opinion, so we’re hoping that this new subscribe button becomes a hit with fans. Have you used it yet? If so, how would you compare it to Google Plus?



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