CoD Black Ops title update 13 for Xbox 360 & PC, list of changes

By Jamie Pert - Sep 15, 2011

If you switched on your PS3 or Xbox 360 recently and played Call of Duty: Black Ops you may have recently noticed that a new patch had been rolled out – well we thought some of you would appreciate some information regarding this update, also it is worth knowing that the patches for the different platforms do differ slightly so pay attention.

Let’s start with some changes which have been brought to both PS3 and Xbox 360, firstly if a player quits during a live match their win streak will now break (which is bad news for dashboarders, you know who you are!) Also Treyarch has updated the list of prohibited clan tags for obvious reasons, as always there are some security issues which have been fixed and we can confirm that one of the exploits allowed someone to copy another player’s emblem/playercard.

Some people may have also noticed that prior to this update Custom Private Match settings would carry over to Public matches and sometimes recent games would not show the correct heatmap – both of these issues have been rectified. Finally players in parties can no longer go into party-restricted lobbies.

The PS3 version of the game also received a few extra changes, firstly the zombie invite system has been fixed, also the game has been prepared for the Rezurrection DLC (see when it launches here) – finally it is now easier to choose from your unlocked clan tag colors (use X / O to do this).

It is nice to see that Treyarch’s dev team is looking after consumers by releasing frequent patches for a game which will soon be succeeded by Modern Warfare 3 – while you’re here we would love to hear how impressed / unimpressed you are by the frequent updates Treyarch has rolled out for Black Ops, also are there any further issues you would like to see addressed?

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  • Cyclave


    Not like wins matter. I always start games and lose. Does this reflect how good I am? No I’m stuck with either morons or just terrible players. I.E. I went 30-6 in Barebones Pure TDM recently and we lost 6300 to 7500. Trying to get your wins up is rather pointless and superfluous.

    I also went 70-9 in Demo while disarming the bomb that almost made us lose, blowing up a site, and we won. The guy on my team who had the lowest score got the same 1 win.

    You shouldn’t concern yourself with W/L. It’s like the people who say LeBron isn’t good because he doesn’t have a ring. You aren’t the team. You can be friggen Arnold in the Terminator and still lose.

  • Dads Echelon

    Thank You “Treyarch!” Your doing such a fine job!

  • idrts

    Freaking awful…so, now when I join a team that’s losing 7000 points to 1000 in deathmatch, and I dashboard, it’s going to count is a lost? Yup that’s fantastic

  • Chrisaltuvilla

    They need to fix alot more for that game to be playable