Final Fantasy X HD remake: Release date info remains mystery on PS3, Vita

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2011

In what is easily the surprise announcement of this year’s Tokyo Game Show so far, Square-Enix has shocked fans by announcing a HD version of popular PS2 game, Final Fantasy X for not only the PlayStation 3, but for the upcoming PlayStation Vita as well.

The release will be in colloraboration with the ten year anniversary of the original title released back in 2001, and was announced by Square-Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto during Sony’s press conference at TGS.

Specific details on how the HD version will be made, i.e if it will be a complete remake from the ground up, or just upscaled to a higher resolution for the PS3 and Vita remain to be seen though. Also unknown in true Square-Enix fashion, is when the game will be available as Square-Enix opted not to reveal any hints whatsoever on a likely period for release.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any screenshots or a teaser trailer of the game to show you either, which sort of casts a shadow on what otherwise is a pretty exciting reveal. Final Fantasy X is a cult favorite among fans, and the chance to relive the lives of Tidus, Yuna and the monster arena will generally be met with overall praise we feel.

Just to refresh, it was a game which scored 39/40 by Famitsu and 9.5/10 by IGN. It also features some of the most breathtaking Final Fantasy music to date, with ‘To Zanarkand’ a particular favorite with fans. Hopefully this game turns out to be even better in its new form and it would be fantastic if Square-Enix are planning on bringing some new functionality to both the PS3 and Vita as well.

How excited are you about this announcement, do you rate Final Fantasy X highly? Of course, it’s not the Final Fantasy 7 remake that we all crave for, but it’s a fine start by Square-Enix. Time to play blitzball again folks – who remembers that? We’ll update you when we have some release details for you.

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  • like if u whooped team lucas ass in the first game y’all played…

  • Punkmonkey14

    they have to announce the release date already i hate having top keep cheking up on it until it comes out

  • John1234

    I’m considering buying a PS3 just for this game…

    • DJUmulius

       i did

  • FFX is best

    Maybe it was because of the point I was at in my life, but personally I feel that FFX is the most intriguing game ever made. And I’ve played a lot of games.

  • Anonymous

    I gonna buy this game as soon as posible! This news made my day! 😀 DAMN IM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! 😀

  • Alex_3534

    THIS is AWESOME NEWS!!! So buying a PS3 JUST for this game! HOly moly, it’s really Final Fantasy X that’s being remade 😀


    I am very excited about this!! FFX was my first FF game; after I played it I went back and played FFVII and my favorite, FFVIII.  This will be a great excuse to play through one of the best RPG’s of all time. It will definitely be on my preorder list!

  • boo

    People need to stop with VII remake although I for one and all would love to see all the classic psone final fantasy game remade in hd it would not work out. The charm of those games are the world map, the story, lack of voice-overs are all that make these games so strong. If square were to remake these games they would have to maybe remove the world map and replace it with a map that is more modern to suit the hd feel and they have to add in voice-overs which will be costly, time consuming and will be indeed met with mixed reviews. If anything I’d honestly wish for hd upgrade but even then its too hard to implement them without changing the entire game itself. I personally loved final fantasy IX very much and would love remake but I know its possible because of the reasons I stated above. Reason they are remaking final fantasy X is because its game everyone liked and would not take too much of their time to do. 

  • Diddy

    If they are gonna remake X then they should remake VII while their at it…..

  • tidus

    love this game

  • Dfgdgdfgfdhfh

    im soo happy!