Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: HD gameplay session will shock Oblivion fans

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2011

We have a treat for Skyrim fans now, as although it is highly likely that you have already seen most of the leaked footage for Skyrim due to an unofficial release at QuakeCon, Bethesda has now finally released the proper HD version of the same video so you can enjoy it in its highest quality.

If you were lucky enough to have attended E3 this year, you will have seen this footage then as it’s essentially the same package that Bethesda’s Todd Howard has been parading around at most events – not that we’re complaining of course.

The videos give fans a chance to see what the Skyrim universe looks like up close in high definition quality, and if you thought Oblivion looked fantastic, you’ll simply be blown away with what is on offer in Skyrim. You’ll also get a detailed debriefing on the brand new interface featured in the game, as well as some of the new abliities and skills you’ll be able to use too – it looks fantastic.

This time in Skyrim, skills can be powered up in the game as seen in 2.00 on part one of the video below. In Oblivion you could only use a skill with one hand, but in Skyrim both hands can be used, and the player will be able to combine both hands to make a more powerful version of the spell. The video also gives you a look at the difference in quality of the towns and NPC models compared to Oblivion, so don’t miss this video if NPC features are one of the main things you’re looking out for in Skyrim.

The total length of the videos is over 20 minutes, and all of it is available in three HD parts below – don’t forget to select 720p resolution from the drop down menu. Considering the game is out in November, we hope Bethesda are planning to release some new footage of the game soon, as most of it has already been seen by many as we mentioned above.

Are you impressed with how good this game is looking compared to Oblivion?

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  • omgwtfbbq

    I’m going to stop reading this website for Skyrim news.  Bad reporting and bad editing/spell checking do not make for an interesting info portal.  Oh and for that final comment in this article, I hope Bethesda *doesn’t* leak any more gameplay footage–and If they do I won’t watch it–because I think giving away one dungeon is enough.  I want to see the rest of the game on my own time.

    • slammr28

      hey OMG, you can choose to watch these videos or not. to someone like me who has not played any Elder Scroll games, watching this has peaked my interest, so it is good to promote a game this way. remember if you don’t want to spoil it then turn away… BTW, I have the Resistance 2 platinum. cheers.

  • Looks sexy but looks aren’t everything.

    • Charlie P

      But looks help an awful lot though.  Even so, this game could be graphically rubbish but it wouldn’t stop it being amazing if it’s anything like its predecessors.

      • Bob

        If you are going to look at something for 300+ hours, it better look nice!