Battlefield 3: Are Xbox 360 gamers worried about the final product?

By Alan Ng - Sep 14, 2011

It has been an eventful last few days for both EA and Battlefield 3 developers DICE to say the least. After an apparent Xbox 360 beta screenshot leaked to the public, the company has had to issue a detailed statement on a developer build of the game that has also creeped out onto the internet.

Unfortunately, EA has already pulled all material from the developer copy of the game, which includes all-new footage from a jet level of the game, and also other gameplay from Operation Frontline and the Operation Metro multiplayer mode.

The leaked videos were also significant in the fact that it was the very first time that the Xbox 360 version of the game had been shown to the public and judging by the poor quality of the videos, it’s understandable to see why DICE were not too happy about it.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, general manager for DICE Karl Magnus Troedsson had this to say when talking about the nature of the leak:

”Watching the game in crappy 320×200 resolution on YouTube is not the way that we want people to experience the game. We’d rather have them wait for us to show it in its real HD glory. There are a lot of hard hours that have gone into this from the team, and naturally we’re disappointed. But, yeah, things happen.”

He also took the time to defend the lack of console gameplay being shown for Battlefield 3 so far, as if you have been keeping an eye on events for the shooter, you’ll know that EA and DICE have mostly shown just PC footage – obviously due to the fact that it will be the lead platform for the game ahead of the console versions, which DICE make no secret of hiding.

We too have seen the leaked Xbox 360 footage and it is a big shame that the uploader did not reveal the gameplay in a much higher resolution. It now seems to be creating a negative atmosphere about the overall quality of the console versions of Battlefield 3 compared to the PC version. The quick solution here would be for EA to just release some proper Xbox 360 footage of the game, so the worries can be put to rest.

Have you seen the leaked footage? If so, what did you think about it – are you worried about the console quality of Battlefield 3 compared to the PC lead platform?

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  • Swmajed

    i think the xbox 360 version isn’t going to be anywhere as good as PC, graphics which I can understand to a certain degree but also gameplay, well i think that they must be hiding it for some reason or because they mest it up or because it’s nowhere near as good as they say it is. either way it’ll probably just be bad company 2 with jets, multiplayer wise, I think they weren’t very efficient with developing the game on console, seriously battlefield 3 on 2 discs but skyrim on 1, really. 2 discs isn’t the problem, it’s that the game was made for PC so the games engine even looking similar to bad company 2’s requires more space and so will the distruction. what requires so much more space compared to bad company 2, jets? the same, if not down scaled destruction? that’s rubbish, they messed up and they know it. that’s why they keep acting so arrogantly overconfident, they are starting to annoy, even more childish than COD developers. i own a xbox 360 by the way and no i do not play COD.
    by the way leaked gameplay looked rubbish

    • dean

      your a fool, they messed up? downscaled destruction,? are you reading what your typing? Seriosuly you cannot judge  book by its cover, nor a game from a bad leave video…the res was low, therefore quality is obviously low. but that is the quality of the video itself, not of the game. You sir are the immature one.

      Of corse The graphics on the consoles will be that of lower quality to the PC, but thats a given. nobody expects anything less. Problem is, to take the full advantage of the frostbite engine and graphics, one will require more than the average PC to do so.

      Installation time, compatability problems, higher chance of hacks developed on PC platforms, all a given, it is down to choice, but known facts. Don’t state the obvious.

      And back to the previous point, how is having the game span across 2 discs a “mess up” explain.

      The developers have a right to be confident, they have created a true masterpeice of a game. Much unlike the security of PSN, their arrogance and confidence were highly misplaced, and paid the price.

      DICE, not so bad, not bad at all! in fact, overwhelmingly great.

      I have downloaded and played the beta release for XBOX 360, and when eventually do the same, you will see for yourself how much potential this game has got.

  • Greg9

    The video was bad quality but watching that guy blow the front off the building was very cool. You can still tell it blows bad company away!!!

  • Greg9

    The video was bad quality but watching that guy blow the front off the building was very cool. You can still tell it blows bad company away!!!

  • It would be insane to think the Xbox quality would be poor – definitely buying it on day 1! 

  • Naaa. I’ve seen the video. I just had to imagine the resolution being 1000x better. It was more the uploaders fault more than anyone elses. I understand that I won’t have to worry about that until the beta comes out.

  • bbalfour82

    I’m not worried about the final product…the other thing I’m worried about is social life when Battlefield 3 cones out, LMAOOO

  • Hollywooda