Potential GTA 5 with PS4/Xbox 720 release: More images

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 13, 2011

We expect Microsoft and Sony gamers have a few ideas for launch titles, but what if GTA 5 made it as a launch game for the Xbox 720 or PS4, and looked like the images on this page? Only a couple of months ago we looked at what’s possible on GTA 4 with a PC mod, and as PC’s have graphics way ahead of the games consoles, we get an idea of the potential for next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

While we’re not sure if it will be GTA 5 or GTA 6 that launches with the PS4/Xbox 720 release, it’s good to see the kind of graphics you’ll get at the very least. Today we have a load more images for you to take a look at, which will really get your juices flowing.

These use the iCEnhancer 1.3 mod on a PC with GTA 4, obviously these graphics are not possible on current games consoles, but they will be on the next-gen. Let us know what you think in the comments.

You can see more images on pcgames.de. Some interesting ideas we’ve heard for GTA 5 include facial scanning, car customisation that really adds some extra depth to the game, voice recognition for easier interaction, international travel, open buildings rather than all the current closed buildings that lack that additional feel of reality, extremely real NPC’s for a more human like behavior, and destruction, which has to be the most wanted feature by us. You can read more ideas in this article.

We’d also like to hear your Grand Theft Auto 5 wishlist, what new features would you like to see in GTA 5?

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  • Hobodealer

    I actually can’t believe someone would even think of deeming these real. Blatently fake.

  • coreyb55

    can computers really produce graphics like this?

    • Swungmilk

      These are on computer. Look up gta icenhancer 1.3. Beautiful!

  • rarara

    They should just stop making new gaming consoles I’m fine with the graphics they have now. but no when these come out the ps3 and the xbox 360 are going to be obsolete and I’m gonna have to shell out like 600+ dollars to buy something I don’t even want. The folks at rockstar are getting lazy taking so long to make a new gta

    • foop09

      lazy? Think of all the stuff rockstar has come out with since GTA IV. You have Red Dead, and the expansions to it. You have and LA Noire. And Max Payne 3 (which looks incredible, btw). 

      It’s not all about GTA, rockstar has a big reputation outside of Grand Theft Auto. Look back to the releases to III, Vice City, and San Andreas, there were years in between those games. 
      its just how it is. think of crappy games like CoD, need for speed, sports games… They spit out a game-a-year. and I dont see much improvement between each game. (maybe every other game things end up changing and improving), but its still every year, another one comes out. Its good that rockstar takes their time, because look how good their titles are. High quality games, no matter how long we have to wait, it’s going to be great. 

  • Darren Fuge

    Nsnarayan.  First, there’s no release date set for GTA 5, also, there’s no release date for the PS4 and there’s no release date for the Xbox 720.  It’s like R* are sitting on their brains waiting for the release date for the PS4 and the Xbox 720 before they can set a release date for GTA 5 if this site is telling the truth.  How can R* release a date for GTA 5 when they don;t even know when the PS4 and the Xbox 720 are being released if this is all true.  What makes R* think the PS4 and the Xbox 720 are going to be released around the same time?  Ages ago, the Xbox 360 came out and then we had to wait longer for the PS3.  The images above show Liberty City and I honestly don’t believe R* are using Liberty City again because they have out-lived and worn out Liberty City now because Liberty City has been used the most in the GTA series.  They must know all GTA fans are getting fed-up with Liberty City now where we want Vice City or San Andreas back or a new place all together.  I’m starting to believe this news on this web site is a pile of bullshit.  I’ve heard rumours many times that GTA 5 will be based in Vice City so why are there all these Liberty City images shown above where the map looks the same as what we have in GTA 4, GTA: TLaD and GTA: TBoGT.  The only differences are, there’s different pedestrians and the graphics are better.  That could have all been faked with photo adjustments.  Ages ago I saw a video of GTA 5 claimed to be based in Vice City and for all I know, somebody could have faked that with skill and lots of talent to fool us with a video.  How come R* haven’t announced anything on their web site yet?  I believe this web site is a pile of bullshit now since my previous post.

    • Sultanahmad_93

      Darren u r absolutely right

  • Wallis 1975

    Well they can shove it if they’re going to release one major title per console. I bought my PS3 assuming there would be at least 3 major title GTA’s for that console, similar to the PS2, with GTA3, Vice City & San Andreas. Rockstar & Take Two are a joke, with their underperforming production schedules. GTA5 should have been out a year ago, with talk of a third PS3 title for 2012-13. I’m in my mid thirties and gaming is becoming less important by the day. My PS3 might be sitting in the pawn shop before the next GTA release.

    • Darren Fuge

      I agree, Wallis.  I said the same to myself.  I originally bought the Xbox 360 because of GTA 4 and I chose the Xbox 360 because it was cheaper than the PS3 back then because the PS3 hadn’t that long been out back then.  When the PS4 and the Xbox 720 are released, imagine how much they will cost when they first come out.  The PS4 more expensive than the PS3 and the Xbox 720 more expensive than the Xbox 360.  R* can release all their other games on the same consoles but not GTA 5, the best selling games they make.  They’ve pulled this crap on us before with GTA: LCS when it first came out for the PSP and the same with GTA: VCS and we had to wait over a year for the PS2 version on each.  Then they released GTA: TLaD for the Xbox 360 and PS3 users had to wait over a year to get it and GTA: CTW first game out for the Nintendo DS and then a PSP version was announced even though GTA: CTW sucks because it’s a 2-D game like GTA: L and GTA II.  It’s bad enough when R* keep on back-dating their GTA games.  I remember when they announced the release date for GTA 4 as October 22nd 2007 and they announced that date a year in advance.  What a long wait and just when there were two weeks to wait, they back-dated it half-a-year to April 29th 2008 to piss us all off.  It was bad enough they announced the original release date a year in advance but them making us wait another half-a-year was taking the piss.

  • Rrishabh

    oh oh oh my god what a graphics if this graphic came to my ps3 i thanks to my god but it it is not possible because they are to high graphics that this game need much space so this ps4 and x box 720 is very costely my father does not give 1000$ to bey this products this is not much it game cd are also very costely when i do job i bey this product i never see so much high graphics when i bey this products i do piracy of game because ps4 and x box 720 engineer team do not have enough brain to stop us from hacking game because i hack 3.70 in my ps3 for play pirated game 

    • Asjdsdj


    • Asjdsdj


    • Squatchmen

      holy sweet mother of mercy, someone needs to go to school and learn how to write, type, and possibly even speak. you are such an illogical person for pirating games and saying how these consoles are unimpressive. possibly you don’t even have a job thats why you hack and pirate everything also. PC gaming is naturally always going to have better graphics, arguably developers focus more on consoles for gameplay purposes and then port them. They can only do so much on a platform that’s always moving

      • Doc

        While the piracy bit is inexcusable and loathsome, English is obviously not his first lanugage.  Your grammar isn’t all that great, either, and you don’t have that excuse.

  • Anonymous

    A grappling hook and a para-glider. Oh wait, they did that already. It’s called Just Cause 2. Can’t wait for Just Cause 3!

  • Dan

    Also you have a moral objective that as the game becomes more realistic how do you keep it within the boundaries of good taste and more importantly out of reach of impressionable kids when irresponsible adults buy it for them.

    • Greg9

      That’s what the ratings are for. Let’s make it real!!

    • Greg9

      That’s what the ratings are for. Let’s make it real!!

    • Guest

      you are an idiot to believe the “impressionable kids” myth. It has never been proven, and there is no evidence to say that it has ever had a serious effect on a childs behaviour. 

      You should pay less attention to what the media says and more attention to facts.

  • Jon

    It looks fairly realistic untill you see the character models which look like the previous generation and stick out like a sore thumb while the backgrouds are improved.

  • Jon

    It looks fairly realistic untill you see the character models which look like the previous generation and stick out like a sore thumb while the backgrouds are improved.