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Late iPhone 5 announcement has implications for 2012

This generation of iPhone has the longest lifespan of any Apple phone before it, the reasons behind this delay have been mixed, but one fact remains true and that is the late iPhone 5 announcement has implications for next year.

Apple has changed the iPhone life cycle thanks to not announcing a new phone at WWDC this year, and unless the wild rumors of a minor iPhone 4S releasing now and the fifth generation at WWDC 2012 are true, then what’s expected is an iPhone 5 release date within the next month and a much later release again next year.

How big are these implications for Apple? Not much in our opinion, if anything this could give Apple the upper hand on the competition like the Droid Bionic, and other competing devices that have become used to the predictive iPhone release dates and market their products with this in-mind.

While we’re looking at a 15 to 16 month run for the iPhone 4, what happens next will be interesting. It’s fair to say if we had to wait another 3 months for iPhone 5, then we could have iPhone 6 in just as much time but shorter, so 9 months and at WWDC next year? Only Apple knows, but feel free to share to your comments.

For a quick catch up on the latest Apple iPhone rumors, see this article, also feel free to share your views on unlimited data plans for the iPhone.

Update: The latest reports suggest that an Apple keynote is due within the next couple of weeks, with a release next month.



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