iPhone 5: Unlimited data plan – How important is it for you?

By Alan Ng - Sep 12, 2011

The launch of the iPhone 5 is set to be a unique experience for new smartphone owners for a variety of reasons. The main reason that we want to focus on, is the fact that it is looking very likely that Sprint will now emerge as the new player entering the iPhone game along with AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a collection of solid evidence that the Sprint iPhone will now be a thing of reality rather than stuff of dreams which Sprint users had become used to seeing since the iPhone first launched on AT&T all those years ago.

The interesting thing here though, is despite the fact that Sprint may end up being the newcomer carrier when the fifth-generation iPhone finally does arrive, it will by no means be the weakest carrier out of the three, quite on the contrary actually as Sprint may even end up being consumers’ number one choice – for one primary reason.

Unlimited data. Yeah that’s right, the one feature that the current generation of new smartphone hunters look for when deciding whether or not to jump into a two-year contract with a particular carrier. As you know, both AT&T and Verizon originally offered unlimited data plans for consumers, but eventually phased them out when it started becoming too cost effective for them. You’ll still be able to get yourself on an unlimited data option, but only if you meet certain criteria, and it definitely is no longer offered as an official iPhone data plan.

This is where Sprint comes into play, as it looks like Sprint will be directly targeting vulnerable Verizon and AT&T users as they look to become the only US carrier to offer an unlimited data plan for the iPhone 5 when it becomes available. Rather than succumb to the current trend of Verizon and AT&T and just offer a limited GB allowance each month, it looks like Sprint will stick to their principles and offer an unlimited data package for the iPhone 5 which Verizon and AT&T users may find difficult to turn down.

Verizon may be the consumer choice for customer service and call reception, but an unlimited data plan is a strong advantage in Sprint’s favor, and it will be interesting to see how Verizon and AT&T react if they see their subscriber numbers drop significantly if Sprint proceed with this plan.

How closely are you following the unlimited data plan rumors for the iPhone 5 on Sprint? Would you leave Verizon or AT&T immediately if this became an option, or is unlimited data not as important to you as call reception for example? Give us your thoughts on this one.

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  • Rayman982

    I bought A/V composite cables (yellow/white/red cords) from apple so I could watch my videos from my phone, listen to my ipod, and use Netflix, etc… AT&T sent me the text about tethering. I called the number they sent in the text.. They told me using those cords for Netflix is considering tethering and if I don’t stop immediately, they’ll take away my unlimited plan. I explained that all these cords do are change where the audio/video output. It’s not streaming. It doesn’t use network to plug up those cords. They essentially called me a liar and told if I don’t stop, I’ll be charged the $45/month for the Pro plan, and then they hung up. I’ve been with AT&T since march of 2007 with the 1st gen iPhone debut. On top of that, my personal hotspot can be used because it uses too much data. I have an unlimited plan! How can they tell me how to use my unlimited data?! After 4-1/2 years of all the bull**** they’ve ouy everyone through, this is how they treat their loyal customers? Sprint, if it’s true, here I come…

    • Rayman982

      Personal hotspot can’t be used*