Windows 8 boot time on SSD could beat Mac OS X Lion

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2011

When it comes to boot times for computers we’re sure most of our readers are not happy with their current setup, or at least think it could be much better. Windows computers have also been known to slow down after a few weeks of usage, and some people decide to go to extremes by only saving most files on external hard drives to keep the boot up drive as fast as possible.

Even with this done, boot up times for Microsoft Windows has always been slow and in most cases slower than Apple Mac’s. A few years ago we installed our first SSD (Solid State Drive) in a Windows computer, and following this we discovered how much faster an OS can boot up using SSD. It was a drastic improvement but also at a much higher price for the drive.

This was followed some years later with our first Mac purchase, the iMac with a normal drive and this booted up really fast in comparison to a Windows machine, which was obviously due to the way the Apple OS boots. With this in mind, we jumped ship and also bought a MacBook Air a little later with SDD. To say it was the fastest boot up yet would be an understatement.

Now we’re in 2011: SSD’s are much cheaper, we have Mac OS X Lion, and Windows 8 has a expected release date of some time in 2012. The battle between Windows and OS X boot up times has stepped up a gear, with Microsoft finally looking to catching up.

You can see a video below this article that shows an official demo of the Windows 8 boot up time, you have to see it to believe it. Just how is this achieved? You’ll want to read this article to find out more.

Could a much faster Windows boot up time make you want to jump from Mac to Windows?

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  • Dave

    Looking at the developer boot on all sorts this video is BS.  Probably either boot from sleep or a build of Windows with nothing but a routine to display metro screen only 🙂

  • Windows 8 might also solve world hunger, end poverty, find a solution to the energy crisis, end pollution and end wars. We won’t know until the actual product appears now, will we? So right now your article is nothing but a worthless guess.

  • $360AShareAgainPissesMeOff>:-{

    My iMac runs 24/7/365.  I don’t think I need to worry about boot times except when Snow Leopard needs the usual periodic upgrade.  Those occasional needs to reboot would hardly make me switch to Windows.

  • Anonymous

    If you switch between OS’s because of boot times, you need to have your head examined. Assuming that Win 8 will exhibit these boot times, it won’t be much different than Mac boot times, with equivalent hardware.

  • Anonymous

    well if that was actual OS and NOT some pseudo pre-boot OS then I’m impressed. but what would it take to achieve that? the better UEFI over BIOS? i mean if those results can’t be duplicated with REAL world parts and situations, there is NO point in showing what the OS might do. as for the mac troll, god it never gets old with you ppl. clearly the superior accessibility/usability OS dominates the WORLD. that must really burn fruit loving loyalists since someone must justify the additional cost for truly similar parts. AND the your OS is based off a FREE OS.  Not to say that makes it bad, but you now must justify the cost. lol i laugh at all of u.

  • Rtaruskin

    first, right now there is no windows 8. second, when they said it was booted, it looks nothing like a booted machine. lets see a side by side comparison with a windows machine and a mac book air (yeah, use a windows 8 operating system, and see who can bring up an explorer or safari window first.
    Windows will always be slow, plagued with viruses, software that slows it to a crawl and replaced more often than a mac. in addition, it will never offer the user experience that a mac does.
    Windows is great for business, Macs are great for people.

    • Gunzac21

      jesus christ just because some nice commercial came out in 2009 does not mean Mac is even near a decent OS.  What software slows it to a crawl? when i install windows 7 all that it came with is  the os, media player, notepad, and ie9 a few other things and great controls.  my $1400 pc is faster than any $1400 mac out there. also i can use blueray mac still can even play hd video. Also i have NOT ONCE had a virus on my windows 7 and everyone knows that windows is more  secure than mac.  Every hacking competition in the world thats held has linux hacked first mac second and windows takes much much longer to crack.  “Windows is great for business, Macs are great for people.” that statement alone shows what a dumbass you are.  why would businesses like windows…..BECAUSE OF THE SECURITY.