MW3 needs all Call of Duty DLC to be playable

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2011

We appreciate the popularity of Call of Duty games and expect Modern Warfare 3 to continue this success, and it’s not the graphics people buy CoD games for, as other games like BF3 will have much better graphics although are struggling to knock the CoD franchise from its throne.

The improvements to Modern Warfare 3 should make for a much better gaming experience, with a new update system, a “Kill Confirmed” feature to combat camping, and some good looking multiplayer maps on the way.

Activision has achieved a lot with Call of Duty, but there have been a number of mistakes along the way. One issue we have with the franchise is downloadable content, and while we’ve seen some great maps for each release, the money paid should be better spent.

Why pay for map packs only to buy the next CoD game, which does not support any DLC from the past? MW3 should change all that, we’d like Activision to allow previously purchased DLC to be playable on new games, and more specifically MW3. Activision has made a lot of money from this franchise, so some of that should be given back to the gamer that has parted with their cash.

Dedicated fans have bought many CoD games, so is it fair that the DLC on these games should be supported on future games in the franchise? It’s fair to say we do not know how much effort it will take to implement this feature, but the money made by Activision should make it possible, although we guess the question is why would they want to?

Would you like all DLC from previous CoD games playable on future titles? Buying DLC at $15 a pop and then that content becoming obsolete when the next CoD comes out is too much for some people.

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  • Dave Spedzia

    How about the fact that MW3 will be using the Quake 3 Engine, which was developed in 1999. 
    I think this game has now officially become a cash grab, the consumer is no longer a priority. 
    No thanks, I’ll pass on this P.o.S. franchise.

  • Phil21

    Lowering dlc is one option yes.. but after a year of the same maps i get bored with them and im ready for new.. its not like when a new cod comes out u cant cant still play the old one…

  • Thataboy85

    They should atleast lower the DLC price for there customers! It’s like they want to milk every dime out of you that they can and not give anything back to the same people that keep them in business!!! Shame on you Activision!!!!!!

  • Willinton_ronaldo_06

    El que traduzca esto es gay mw3

  • John Freeman

    This is exactly why i dont wanna buy MW3. It fucks me off how much people spend on DLC, only to buy the next cod game and that’s it finished with. (Unless obviously you go back and play that old CoD game, but lets be honest, how often will you do that after getting the most recent one?)

  • that won’t happen mate, Activision needs people to actually buy Cod Elite 

  • Anonymous

    Activision will never go for allowing DLC from previous COD titles to work.  They make too much money selling the DLC map packs that are essentially the same title to title other than minor updates.