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Final Fantasy XIII-3: Square-Enix Versus the fans

If you consider yourself to be a fan of all things Final Fantasy, then we have some news which is going to be of certain interest to you. With the reputation of the company still up for debate after their continued silence on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it has been revealed that Square-Enix may have yet another FF game on the way.

In what some people might perceive as a nightmare scenario, it has become a very real possibility that the Final Fantasy XIII series will now become a trilogy. Within the last few days, Square-Enix has just secured the domain name for , and although the domain doesn’t specifically mention the company, the domain can be traced back to the Corporation Service Company (CSC), according to Fusible.

Further research has discovered that Square-Enix has previously used the CSC to secure websites for past titles in their HeroesofRuin and DeusEx franchises, leading us to suggest that this is definitely too much of a coincidence to be a hoax.

Now then, on to the real discussion, as if Square-Enix are planning to release Final Fantasy XIII-3, where does that leave Final Fantasy Versus which is currently residing in Oblivion? Let’s not forget that FFXIII-2 is not even out yet, and if the news is true, Square-Enix may be planning a Tokyo Game Show announcement for a Final Fantasy XIII-3 release sometime in 2013/2014.

This is pretty disheartening for Final Fantasy fans who have been waiting patiently for the slightest of updates on Versus XIII despite SE’ unwillingness to do so. On a side note, it would also mark the first time in the franchise that a single title would become a trilogy – it’s just a shame that Final Fantasy XIII perhaps received more criticism than praise otherwise this news could be approached with slightly more excitement.

Are Square-Enix really testing fans resolve with a possible third Final Fantasy XIII game? If Final Fantasy Versus XIII was finished 100%, this wouldn’t be an issue, but since they continue to alienate fans with a lack of information, this may serve as the final straw for some. Give us your thoughts on this.



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