Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: New vampire feature wishlist?

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2011

We have some exciting news for those of you who enjoyed being a vampire in Oblivion, as it has just been confirmed that players will once again be able to take the role of a vampire in upcoming RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, if you choose to of course.

If you played Oblivion, you’ll know that it was actually pretty enjoyable playing as a vampire, obviously bringing its downsides as well as some cool features depending on certain statistics. Depending on how long you were in Vamprire status, the player would earn a stronger ability, available for usage once a day and would be separate to the 100% protection from disease and paralysis bonuses that you’d get for being a vampire too.

On the downside, being a vampire would mean that your player takes damage in sunlight and this increases depending on what stage of vampirism the player is at. The other major disadvantage of becoming a vampire is the fact that you are no longer able to fast travel, which becomes a pain when you become stuck in a difficult location for example.

Will the same sort of features apply to the vampire status in Skyrim, or has Bethesda changed things completely? One thing for certain is that the vampire abilities will change, so that is something to look forward to for gamers who opt to choose the dark side at the first opportunity in Skyrim. Another thing we’re hoping will change is the difficulty of finding a cure for vampirism. If you tried this scenario in Oblivion, you will know that the mission to cure yourself took forever, and it was a process that players definitely won’t want to repeat in Skyrim.

What are your thoughts on Bethesda confirming vampirism in Skyrim. Are you a player that enjoys playing through as a vampire or do you avoid it at all costs and cure yourself straight away? If you like being a vampire, what new features would you like to see in Skyrim? Check out the moment Bethesda confirms this feature below.

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  • B_lucky

    oblivion had vampires. bring back the werewolf. they are better anyway…

  • Mspratte7492

    i want to transform into a wolf or something let us fly any thing cool

  • FDJohnWayne

    i would like to see a bonus for times fed.  I understand why the game mechanic has to work the way it does, otherwise players would only go around and feed and become a godmode vampire in a very short period of time.  But i always thought it was backwards that the more time a vampire went without feeding the stronger it got.  maybe im rusty on my vampire mythology, but that is my wish.  Maybe you could become more powerful of a vampire the more in game days that you spend as a vampire.  Isnt it that the older a vampire is the stronger and more powerful he gets in most books/movies?

  • Deadmanwalking

    It’d be good if you could negate the sun damage by being fully covered by a hood and cloak etc. Also maybe special sneak attack kills as a vampire, like a instant kill bite ot something?