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Skyrim Collector’s Edition unboxed: Xbox 360 version touted in office

If you are set on spending the extra money to pick up the Collector’s Edition of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, we have some interesting news for you now. Bethesda has just released an image of the Collector’s Edition sitting in their offices, and it gives potential buyers the chance to see just how big the package actually is.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the Collector’s Edition will be available in limited capacity only, and will obviously only apply to die hard Elder Scrolls fans who don’t mind paying $150 to take one of the special editions home, or £130 for our readers in the UK.

If you need a refresh on what the contents will include, the main highlight is a 12-inch Alduin Statue made of PVC, a Skyrim 200-page colored Art Book and also a DVD containing behind the scenes footage on how the game was made by Bethesda.

You have probably seen an image of the contents of the Collector’s Edition, but we doubt you’ve seen how big the box will be. Below is an image that Bethesda has just released from their offices.

Considering that Bethesda will be favoring the Xbox 360 version of the game ahead of the PC and PS3 releases, it’s no surprise to see that the Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition is shown in all its glory here. The size is comparable to the Legendary Edition of Halo Reach if you remember that and you may need to make suitable preparations if you plan on carrying this bad boy all the way home yourself as you’re likely to attract attention from eager passers by who wouldn’t mind a free copy of your swag that you’ve just paid a near fortune for.

Will you be picking up the Skyrim Collector’s Edition on November 11th, or will you opt for the standard version instead? We look forward to playing the game at this year’s Eurogamer Expo which kicks off on September 22nd – look out for our hands-on preview afterwards.



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