Apple Store down surely not iPhone 5?

There have been increasing leaks and rumors shrouding the next version of the iPhone over recent weeks. As production of the device hits full capacity and the operating system for the device gets closer, we have news of the company’s online store. At the time of writing the Apple Store is down which surely doesn’t mean the iPhone 5 is imminent?

Only yesterday we had rumors that Apple would be holding their annual fall event later this month and even gave a couple of possible dates for it to happen. Regarding the Apple Store we reported that shipping times of the iPhone 4 had slipped from 24 hours to a possible three days for shipping. This would normally mean supplies of the device would be running low as Apple prepares to release its replacement.

This situation seemed to only be affecting the US Apple Store as in countries such as the UK and Germany the shipping times were still 24 hours. Currently the online stores seem to be unavailable in all regions.

The Apple Store could quite easily be down for maintenance but with Apple lately you never know. Now the company is under new leadership we may see some subtle changes in ways the company operates. Tim Cook may want to put his own mark on the way the company is run, but this would surely not mean they wouldn’t continue to hold big press events to showcase its new products.



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