PSN down September 2011: Sony fixing UK, US servers again

By Chris Cook - Sep 8, 2011

This hasn’t been the luckiest of years for Sony, having been the victims of cyber-crime on more than one occasion. Their website Sony Pictures was one of their sites that had a security breach and also, more surprisingly the hacking of their PlayStation Network occurred back in April. After being offline for the best part of two months they finally returned with apologies and promises that they would step up their security to ensure this would not happen again.

Now we have news that Sony has announced their PSN will be going offline once more in Europe tomorrow at around 17:00 UK time until about 23:00 for maintenance. Of course during these six hours gamers who own a PSP or a PlayStation 3 will be unable to play online games or access the service. According to Eurogamer, there is a way round being offline; if you happen to be signed in before the allotted time of the shutdown, you should be able to remain online throughout. Sony has also promised this can happen without any disruption to your gaming.

This exception only regards those who are gaming online however; access to services like management options, account registration, PS Home and the PS Store will not be accessible to anyone until the maintenance is complete. Though the reason for the maintenance is not specified, we can assume that it will be something to do with the security, most likely an upgrade as the company also recently announced the acquisition of Philip Reitinger, ex-US Department of Defense member, to aid them in the battle against cyber-crime.

If you would like to know more details about the outage tomorrow, head on over to by clicking the link, where you will find all the FAQs and answers. What do you think the reason for the outage could be?

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  • spank

    again will when sony get it right keep it up and xbox will own ps3

    • Cursemarknoy300


  • Evan

    mine is down and i live in texas. i got code error 8001050F

  • Vjygbuy

    Such wonderful timing, and how thoughtful of you to share it with your massive fanbase on Twitter and Facebook…except…you haven’t! And on Resistance 3 release day too. Congratulations, you’ve just pissed your consumer base off – AGAIN!

  • Guest

    Not sure but its been down for maintenance for days in some things. The password/create new account has been down since saturday.

  • Paul

    Ooh nice timing Sony I dont finish work till six and on a ps home update day well done