FIFA 12 demo details, teams and stadium confirmed

By Chris Cook - Sep 8, 2011

As most of you will be well aware, the FIFA 12 demo is about to drop on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 on September 13th. Every year when the demo launches it normally has limited teams and modes available, as it is just a taster of what to expect from the complete model. This year’s demo details, teams and stadium have been finally announced by EA Sports.

According to VideoGamer the information came via tweets on the publisher’s official twitter page, which included the revelation of the venue where the matches are to be played, the length of each half and the teams that players are able to select from.

As mentioned in an article we brought you recently, Man City’s newly named official stadium, Etihad Stadium, will feature for the first time in FIFA 12. This is part of an exclusive deal that the club has with EA, which also means their entire squad will have their faces scanned and featured in the game, as well as the official kit. It is at their stadium where the demo matches will be played.

The teams that are available to choose from in the demo this year will be; Man City, Italian champions AC Milan, German champions Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, Arsenal and European champions FC Barcelona. If the demo is similar to last year, we may see more teams unlocked depending on how many games are played. If you were hoping to play as Samir Nasri in a Man City shirt, unfortunately you will be disappointed as it appears recent transfers will not feature in the demo but are currently being updated for the full game.

Last year only exhibition games were available to play during the demo and settings like weather and match half-length were not customizable. It looks as though it will be the same this year with each match being 3 minutes per half long. This may not seem like a lot but is just enough to give gamers a feel of what to come.

Will you be downloading the demo?

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  • Englishcpt

    Milner’s left arm looks totally wrong. Look at the angle, the creases in his shirt at the armpit suggests he’s pointing it one way but the actual arm is at a different angle all together. lol only joking just thought I will mock the nerd ranters quickly, can’t wait looks epic. West Ham for the Championship!!!

  • ray

    how big will the demo be terms of gigs ?

  • Belkin_06

    You dam rite I love FIFA games you people that make them are legends

  • Belkin_06

    You dam rite I love FIFA games you people that make them are legends