Faces compared for FIFA 12 vs. PES 2012

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 7, 2011

Back in June we looks at FIFA 12 vs. PES 12 and wondered which had the best graphics, and just this week we asked our readers to vote on the game they may want to buy, if any at all. So far just fewer than 600 of our readers have voted and the stats point to FIFA 12 being the favorite.

Earlier this week we found a post started at the beginning of 2011, which looks at the new faces in FIFA 12. The author asked for readers to help piece together images and sources for the players that will be new to competing in the next FIFA game. Feel free to take a look at them here; it’s an interesting read.

While we’re talking about the graphics and specifically faces, we wanted to find images and videos that compare FIFA 12 vs. PES 2012. We have hunted around and found some good videos, and not so great videos but will post them here to give you an idea on what to expect from the two football games. Feel free to add your comments and other sources you know.

In no particular order, please see the comparison videos below and also videos showing motion/images for both FIFA 12 and PES 2012. The first video is from some sort of EA PR event and while taken sideways, almost certainly shows that it’s a solid leak. There are also a couple of videos that show specific teams like faces from Barcelona players, these again seem to be taken from a similar event.

Other videos show the most important players, although be aware they may be from a demo version of PES 12/FIFA 12. You may also like to see a recent article we found that looks at some new PES 2012 screenshots, which the author claims puts FIFA 12 to shame. Lastly, the FIFA 12 Wayne Rooney hair transplant images are a must see for those that missed them in this article.

Have a watch of the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer videos below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Fariedghozi

    Hello Daniel,,,I’m ghazi from Indonesia. Nice to meet you!
    well, after reading this article, and of course seeing the videos, let me let you know that PES is still number  1 in my country.
    do you know why?
    it’s yes that Fifa has something that PES will never surpass, license. But yes, license is not everyting. There are so many patchers in the world can fix this license problem.
    and talking about the graphics, yes that Fifa has more stadiums, better lights, and better supporters. But when we talk about players face, PES is still much more better, look at the tendon in the neck, more life expression, and we find some players have strange faces, we can fix it easily with kitserver.
    This is the difference between PES and Fifa. PES has made an editable file, almost everything about the game (face, stadium, boot, kit, logo, scoreboard, referee, flags, menu header, gameplay icon, etc..). While in the same time, it allways hard to edit Fifa.
    However,I really appreciate both of them. Just to make sure, I installed both PES and Fifa to my PC. and still, I prefer playing PES to Fifa.

  • TrueGooner

    The person in the video fill to mention that most of the PES faces are in action and players are screaming, while the FIFA ones are expressionless. This is what make PES different from FIFA. compare those same players with a FIFA screenshot that show the in action screaming with the different emotion expressed on their faces. Then we can do a accurate comparison.

  • Aggaz

    France squad is Adil Rami (Valencia) Florent Malouda (Chelsea)
    Alou Diarra (Marseille)  Jérémy Ménez (PSG) Yann M’Vila (Rennes) your obviously a Fifa fan Pepe looks like that because PES have added expressions to players faces

  • Paul

    The screenshot of Messi is from PES 2009, just look at the kit he’s wearing.

  • Yourdad

    Pes looks more realistic but some aspects of the players faces always seem weird

  • guest

    PES faces blow FIFAS out of the water, i think a overwhelming majority of FIFA fans agree on this.

  • arshavin in that video looks nothing like him, also all of the PES faces look poor, especially the mouths