Further Sprint iPhone 5 release hints – Verizon, AT&T owners tempted?

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2011

We have some exciting news for those of you who are hanging on in the hope that Sprint joins in on Verizon and AT&T’s imminent iPhone 5 launch party. Fresh information has revealed that Sprint are now making plans to install signal boosting equipment in preparation for the fifth generation iPhone’s arrival within the next few months.

The Sprint iPhone has been a fairytale story with no ending for the last few years, but the iPhone 5 could finally be the device which Sprint customers can get their hands on. It is rumored to be be coming sometime in October alongside the AT&T and Verizon variants, although whether the Sprint version will be modified to support their 4G WiMAX network remains to be seen at the moment.

However, interesting details have been uncovered by Beatweek as their source informs them that Sprint are installing repeaters inside an Apple store at The Domain shopping center, located in Austin, Texas. These repeaters are meant to be signal boosters designed to work on both CDMA and WiMAX networks, although Apple are obviously remaining silent on these rumors – for now.

A likely reasoning behind this is that if Apple are indeed preparing to launch their new iPhone on Sprint, then they will want to have the best network signal available in-store so that potential customers can have a trouble-free experience whilst using devices.

Nothing is official yet though, but it will excite Sprint customers who have been waiting for the iPhone to arrive for years. It will also interest current Verizon and AT&T customers who may decide that Sprint is the best network for them after using the iPhone 4 on either network, which in turn could lead to a vicious battle between the three carriers in order to secure the most subscribers.

Are you waiting for the Sprint iPhone? How optimistic are you that it will arrive alongside the AT&T and Verizon models this year?

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  • Billy Bob

    Maybe I am missing something from the article but having a great signal at the store is nice but what if you don’t live at the store? Sprint needs to get on the ball on roll out something that will allow a much faster internet connection for all of us.I shouldn’t have to wait 20 seconds (or more) for pages to load. You know it’s bad when your screen goes dark after 60 seconds and the page still has not completely loaded! I bought in to this 4G crap and paid the extra $10 (yes, I know they claimed at the time it wasn’t to fund the 4G network, it was for the access to the Android Market; eyes rolling) but no improvement for me in the last 3 years! The only thing I got from Sprint was a Free Airwave because I could not get a descent signal in my house.

    • Dit Ditwhiler

      Same thing happend to me with Tmobile, Billy Bob. I paid for the Free Airwave with them as well. I did not even get a 3g signal in my area! But low and behold because of the phone I wanted I was forced to pay for the high end data plan that never worked for even the 3g. Oh wait yes it did the one day a month I went to the “Big City”!