Battlefield 3 favored over MW3: Media lies or true gamer opinion

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2011

If you are a regular Call of Duty and Battlefield gamer, you have already probably made up your mind as to which game to pick up between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 over the next few months, maybe you’ll even pick up both if you have the cash.

However, if you are living in the UK and happen to be a fan of popular publishing PSM3 (PlayStation 3 Magazine), you have may have noticed an interesting poll that they are running on their Facebook page, in which they have posted the results of a question they were asking on which title gamers were more excited about between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

The results were in largely in favor of Battlefield 3 with 245 voters choosing the game developed by EA DICE, while only 52 voters opted to choose the third game in Infinity Ward’s successful Modern Warfare franchise. The poll is still ongoing as we speak, but it looks like Battlefield 3 will be a standout winner.

But does this survey reflect the overall opinion by gamers that Battlefield 3 is simply going to be the better game out of the two? Modern Warfare 3 fans may think this is a one-off result as their game will still end up being better then BF3 in their opinion, while obviously BF3 fans will feel the same as well. It’s all a matter of opinion of course, as both gamers offer a different gameplay experience which works for both parties.

For example, critics may label Modern Warfare 3 as the same repetitive, arcade-style gameplay, but it’s a formula which gamers have come to love and the same can be said for Battlefield 3 too perhaps offering a more tactical-based gameplay experience.

What are your thoughts on this poll conducted by the magazine? Do you think it’s a fair reflection of how gamers truthfully feel about both gamers away from the media, or do you have a different opinion?

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  • Rachdanon

    To put it very simply, MW3 is for everybody, but not everybody takes to the style of BF3. I prefer BF3 over MW3 by a hair’s breadth , but I’ll bet my last dollar MW3 will outsell BF3.

  • Kirkpadilla84

    Just came back from gamestop and they confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 has already doubled the preorders of black ops and more than quadrupled that of Battlefield 3, making it the largest pre order in Gamestop history. Don’t know why, Battlefield is gonna be awesome.

    • Nope.avi….3/4 of all MW3 orders were just dropped because everyone found out that it was running 640p/30fps. Battlefield 3 was already nominated for game of the year.

  • jimmy

    I am not really bothered as to what the votes are but alls i do know is that BF3 will be and is Superiour to COD in every single way.

  • Coldmedia

    Your basing this all off a Playstation magazine poll… first off its a Playstation and majority of households have a 360 in their homes. Plus MW3 has a larger follwing on the 360 I believe. And 1/4 of PS fans voting for MW3….Mw3 seems to be doing better than I thought,

  • Leon

    I play both regular and think that bf3 has it with looks and feel I’m still getting both but will spend even times on both