Samsung Hercules to be big iPhone 5 rival at release

By Gary Johnson - Sep 5, 2011

We have spoken before about some of the alternatives to the next iPhone that are either available now or in the pipeline. One of Apple’s biggest smartphone rivals is currently Samsung, especially if you take into consideration the ongoing court battles. Another upcoming handset the Samsung Hercules could be big iPhone 5 rival at release.

The Hercules is rumored to be released on October 26th, which is around the same time the iPhone 5 is thought to be coming. There are also rumors that the Hercules is going to be priced at around $350, according to International Business Times. If this pricing is correct the handset will be a real threat to the iPhone 5s supremacy in the smartphone market.

Specifications of the Hercules are rumored to feature a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, while the iPhone 5 is thought to be getting either a 3.7-inch display or a 4-inch one. The Samsung cell phone is to be powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm APQ8060 processor, which will make it the fastest device on the market.

There are other handsets that are rumored to have a 1.5GHz processor that include the iPhone 5, and the Samsung Nexus Prime among others. Much like a lot of Android devices these days the Hercules will come sporting an 8-megapixle shooter, which will also be capable of taking full HD video.

One of the biggest things the Hercules has in its favor is the 24 HSDPA capabilities that allow it to exceed max speeds of 42Mbps downstream. The Samsung Hercules will then be the fastest HSDPA device on the market. It will also have NFC capability that is not thought to be coming on the iPhone 5.

When the first iPhone was released Apple really had the market to themselves, but in recent years especially with the advancement of the Android platform competition has grown significantly. This in turn means that consumers are the biggest winners with increased choice and even cheaper prices.

Do you think the Samsung Hercules will compete with the iPhone 5?

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  • Steve Gehrman

    I would purchase it if T-Mobile had better signal strength.  I’m usually at 1-2 bars in SF and calls drop constantly.

  • What will drive my purchase decision will be the carrier.  Very little difference between phones.  And with so many phones being released with great specs, you aren’t missing much so long as you aren’t silly enough to get locked into the two year deals.