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Apple Stores gearing up for iOS 5 release

The anticipation for the launch of the iPhone 5 is growing by the day as new rumors and speculation increases. It is expected to coincide with the launch of iOS 5 that has seen numerous betas sent out to developers in preparation for launch. Now we have news that Apple Stores have begun gearing up for the iOS 5 release.

According to an article on 9 To 5Mac Apple retail employees have started training with iOS 5 and iCloud. Sources are claiming the training is done via a new section of the recently released RetailMe, which is an internal application.

Normally Apple releases their major iOS versions around new launches for the iPhone, and the retail stores usually begin training with the new software a couple of weeks before the product is due to be launched. It could be different this time round though as Apple has changed the time frame it usually releases its next handset.

If Apple has started training already it could mean the iOS 5 launch may be coming sooner than expected. The company may be getting the new software released before the new iPhone is released so can concentrate on one thing at a time.

The retail employees have also received detailed information about the upcoming iCloud service. The new service is due to release the same time as iOS 5 because it has full integration into the next operating system.

This latest rumor falls into line with previous reports that Apple was going to open up preorders for the iPhone 5 towards this month. Recent betas that have been released for iOS 5 and iCloud suggests the software is almost ready to go. For the iOS 5 software recent betas were focusing on performance and the removal of bugs.

Things should become clearer anytime now as Apple have previously said that they were planning something for September. We could then have a busy few weeks as the new iPhone and iOS 5 finally become available.

Are you looking forward to iOS 5 and the iCloud service?



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