Best Buy Slashes Price of BlackBerry PlayBook: Another tablet failure?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 1, 2011

Apple continues to dominate the tablet market despite the best efforts of numerous companies who are trying to grab a piece of the iPad market share. We have seen the recent goings on with the HP TouchPad that was quickly discontinued shortly after it launched. The device had seen lackluster sales until the price was dropped dramatically and stock was quickly spent. Now we have news that Best Buy slashes the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook, so does this mean another tablet failure?

According to an article on Electronista in a move that could mean slow sales Best Buy has cut prices of the tablet. For the 16GB and 32GB versions of the PlayBook the retailer has cut $50 off the price, and the 64GB model has seen its price cut by $150. This makes the 64GB version the same price to that of the 32GB version at $549.99.

It is not known how long the sale will last and it will be interesting to see how it affects sales of the device. So far RIM hasn’t said how the PlayBook is doing sales wise, except hint a modest estimate of early sales. During RIM’s spring quarter the company shipped 500,000 units of the tablet PC, and is not due to report again until the 15th of this month.

It is not known how many units that have been actually sold onto consumers, and could have lots of units sitting on store shelves. There has been rumors recently that the company had to greatly scale back targets, after it over estimated the demand for its tablet PC.

It is not thought the company will be bringing out a replacement for the PlayBook until next year. The Best Buy price slash could help raise interest in the device, which could be further helped as RIM starts to add features that have been missing since it was first launched.

Will these price cuts make you want to go and buy the PlayBook?

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  • Anonymous

    rumor that staples will be slashing price 50% **still a rumor though check crackberry!! will definitly pick one up at that price

  • Anonymous

    Playbook is not going anywhere, QNX is what all forthcoming Blackberrys are based on.

    Tablet price wars are coming though, expect more price cuts all around before Christmas. The Touchpad fire sale may have started something here!

  • Leroy Farted

    Well, considering it’s ONLY ONE retailer doing it, I’d hardly call that a tablet failure.  I bought my PlayBook at Staples with a $100 dollar off coupon that applied to any tablet EXCEPT the Kindle ebook reader and the HP Touchpad.  Why in the heck is this site called “product reviews”? This isn’t a product review but rumor and conjecture. 

  • Downsizeme

     Samsung – Galaxy Tab on sale at Bestbuy – $70.00 off. Is Samsung getting out of the Tab market too ?

  • Anonymous

    Uh……, it doesn’t.