Sprint gears up for iPhone 5 with advice to employees

By Gary Johnson - Aug 29, 2011

Speculation has intensified over the last couple of weeks about the iPhone 5 being made available on the Sprint network. There have been reports of Sprint reps telling customers the device was incoming, and the news that the iPhone 5 is to be a dual-mode handset. Now Sprint gears up for the iPhone 5 with advice to employees regarding information about the handset.

AppleInsider are reporting that SprintFeed have got hold of an internal memo from the carrier, which is allegedly telling employees to say “no comment” when asked about the iPhone 5. The memo advises staff if they are talking to friends or family members, or asked by a customer they need to avoid making any comment about the iPhone 5.

The employees are allowed to say they have seen reports linking Sprint to the iPhone 5, but state they have no information to share. The carrier’s dealers are advised to direct customers to the Sprint.com Newsroom. Only recently we reported that Sprint were not only getting the iPhone 5, but were also set to get the iPhone 4 as well.

Although the memo doesn’t confirm the carrier will be getting the iPhone 5, the “no comment” line by the company does point to a good chance it will be arriving. Sprint are way behind in subscriber numbers compared to AT&T and Verizon, but will see getting the iPhone as a major step forward as it tries to regain customer share.

The iPhone 5 is thought to be releasing during October after being revealed next month. It is also rumored Apple will be putting the handset up for preorders at the end of September. Apple is rumored to be releasing two handsets with one of them a cheaper version of the iPhone 4.

This will sit alongside an all new device that is rumored to have a bigger display and better processor similar to what is found in the iPad 2, and it is also thought to be getting an improved camera.

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