Anger over Nissan SUV and pickup warranty, still no recall

By Peter Chubb - Aug 26, 2011

Owners of Nissan’s SUV and pickup trucks are left a little confused as to why the automaker has only extended warranty for radiators because they have been leading to automatic transmission failures. They had assumed that a recall was more appropriate, seeing as though the coolant can leak and effect the transmission, which is said to have cost owners thousands of dollars in repair bills.

The reason for this is because the warranty only covers vehicles with 80,000 miles or less, which seems a little strange, as these vehicles are workhorses and will have a great number of miles on the clock. When owners purchased these SUV’s and pickups they had no idea that this radiator would affect more than that, NY Times says that owners feel as though Nissan should have warned them of this problem.

The most responsible thing that Nissan can do now is to issue a recall of their Frontiers, Pathfinders and Xterras from 2005-2010, as there are many cases where owners do not know about this extended warranty, and also the fact that some of these vehicles have far more than 80,000 miles. It is all very well Nissan saying that they will cover the repair bills that was a cause of the coolant leaks, but what is the point if they do not know about it, and that is comes with restrictions?

You may wonder how the coolant can get into the transmission; well the tank will crack and force the coolant into the transmission cooler lines. Now something like this should not be covered under warranty, there should be a recall, as there is certainly a fault somewhere – surly it will be cheaper in the long run to repair a radiator rather than a transmission?

Should Nissan issue a recall or do you still think that the extended warranty is enough?

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  • Juliana

    Nissan is the worst still they don’t issue a recall. I have a Nissan Pathfinfer 2005, 91,000 on it and 2nd time transmission needs to be changed because of the radiator defect!!! Now we have a deductible of 3,000. Even if we keep changing the transmission it will keep failing because of the radiator. This really need to be a RECALL Nissan, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  • Sasha Hurley

    Nissan is a piece of junk … the transmissions are terriable … Have you people ever heard of a recall obiviously not …. well if you dont have a recall the word will be put out trust me … NIssan need to understand if you dont treat their coustomers with some respect then im sure everyone will stop buying if yall dont wont that to happen, then i would do something about it.Think about it ,what if it was you and you was in our situtation wouldnt you want something done … the pathfinder transmission and radiator is  BUNCH OF BULL .. POINT BLANK FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyoder_1957

    I think Nissan Needs To Have A Recall On There Radiators And Transmission I Have A 2007 Pathfinder And A friend Of My Has A 2005 Pathfinder And Both Of Them Needs A radiator And A Transmission I will Try My Very Best To Get The Word Out So People Will Not Buy Nissan At All How every or what Every it will take to get the word out i will do Because that’s not away to run a business

    • Sasha Hurley

      someone agrees!

  • Vivian Yoder

    I Think Nissan Needs To Have A Recall on The Radiator and Transmission I have a 2005 Pathfinder And A friend of my has a 2007 model and both Radiator and Transmission is out of them I will never own a Nissan again if nissan doesn’t do something about these pathfinder and I will spread the word around on the intrenet and thru how every or what every it takes to get the word out to people that isn’t a way to run a  business

  • x

    If Nissan doesn’t do a recall and also include the transmission, they will loose a lot of customers.   If you can’t provide the great service to bend over backwards to keep your customers, they will move to another brand without hesitation. There are a lot of great vehicles out there and this will cost Nissan millions. And the hardship will as usual, fall onto the dealerships.