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Incoming iPhone 4 / 5 release on Sprint in 2011

Yesterday we told you that the iPhone 5 could be a dual-mode device that would raise the possibility of the device reaching Sprint, and earlier this month we had reports of a Sprint employee saying the device was coming. Now more sources are claiming of an incoming iPhone 5 release in 2011.

The handset is due to arrive in October sources are claiming, and now they are also saying that the country’s third biggest carrier will also be getting the handset. According to The Wall Street Journal the device will fill a big gap in the carrier’s lineup, and please many of its customers.

Getting the iPhone 5 onto Sprint will give the carrier a major boost as it looks to turn its fortunes around, and could also aid AT&T in their bid to buy-out T-Mobile USA Inc. The handset will also be arriving on AT&T and Verizon in the middle of October according to sources. At the end of the second quarter Sprint had over 52 million customers compared to 106 million for Verizon, and just short of 99 million on AT&T.

It is also claimed the carrier will also be getting the iPhone 4 at the same time, which will be a further boost to Sprint. There will be many Sprint customers who have been wanting to own an iPhone for a while know, and would have been watching as Verizon landed the handset earlier this year.

According to a source who has been briefed on Apple’s plans, the iPhone 4 successor wasn’t ready in time for the usual June release and was then delayed for an end of September unveiling. Sprint has recently been trying to improve customer service, and slow the tide of subscribers leaving the company.

The deal with Sprint will further break the once exclusive deal AT&T had for the iPhone in the country, but more importantly for Apple increase its customer base quite significantly. Apple will be pleasing many consumers if they get the iPhone on many different carriers, but will also help them compete with the Android platform. It will also be better for consumers to have the choice of the two biggest platforms.

Will you get the iPhone 5 on Sprint?



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