Rezurrection DLC available to download on Xbox Live, FAQ and problems

By Jamie Pert - Aug 23, 2011

Well then guys and girls the day has come where Treyarch’s last DLC release for Call of Duty: Black Ops has arrived, so get ready for zombies to take over your life as you get to grips with the Moon zombie map and for those of you who didn’t buy the Hardened or Prestige Editions it is time to also battle your way through Shi No Numa, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt and Der Riese.

Roughly an hour ago Treyarch’s Community Manager, Josh Olin, tweeted this message, here you can clearly see that the Rezurrection DLC is now live, that said it may take some time to arrive in your particular region.

If you purchased the Hardened or Prestige Editions you get this content for free, to get the Moon map simple fire up Black Ops on your 360, ensure that you are signed in to the correct profile, go into zombies and then choose either Splitscreen or Xbox Live – here you should see “FREE ZOMBIES LEVEL”, select this and you should be able to download the new map for free. Getting the free Call of Duty: Zombies Soundtrack and the free Moon theme if pretty simple, you can find out how by checking out this link.

It seems as if a small minority of people are experiencing problems when downloading the content, are you? David Osborn reported one problem on Twitter when he received a code 800700e8 error when attempting to download the DLC, however after waiting a short while and trying again it downloaded fine. Another Twitter user called trdub53 also reported this issue, but it also fixed itself.

As you can see you may have to be a little patient as some problems are affecting people, however it seems to us these errors are related to the huge demand which all Black Ops DLC and won’t be long term. We would love to hear from you if you have / have not successfully downloaded the content, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Mszambo


  • Xboxhaloalive

    I am having the same problem as wilky, I have gone through the same diagnostic process as him as well

  • wilky

    moon map wont load, i can play the old maps, so the download has worked, but freezes on loading screen….

    been on net and have tried most things but still no joy …..

    i removed map pack
    cleared cache
    rebooted xbox 
    re downloaded 


    remove the update from earlier in week and did same as above but still no joy  

    Has anyone ideas ….PLEASE

  • Jake3001

    Deathbong U obviously haven’t used the teleporter u downie, it’s the best map out.  Also does anybody know why my friends downloads take over 7 hours to download?

  • Damian

    i downloaded it but it never loads on xbox live or never starts on solo(blackscreen)

  • Adparky

    It says I haven’t downloaded it when I have… Will give it an hour then I’m on to helpline!!

    • Deathbong

      Dont waste your time map is horrible! No more rounds and you die in 1 min or less.

    • Deathbong

      Dont waste your time map is horrible! No more rounds and you die in 1 min or less.