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PSP-E1000 specs more like iPhone than Vita

With the PlayStation Vita all the talk of the gaming world at the moment, the PSP-E1000 seems to have been forgotten about. The remodeled PSP is all set to hit Europe in the coming months, so Sony has finally released the specs, and there is one feature that makes it more like the iPhone than the upcoming Vita.

The feature that we are talking about is its sound, as it will not come with stereo speakers, instead it will just have the one speaker. It is the removal of such features that will the handheld gaming device its €99 price tag. The is the first PlayStation Portable to come with mono sound, but potential buyers will not be put off buy this, you only have to look at the iPhone to see that it is not that important. However, you can still enjoy stereo sound on these devices when you plug a set of headphones into them.

CVG seems to think that this is the only difference with the hardware when compared to previous PSP models, such as a 4.4-inch display, UMD, Lithium-Ion rechargeable Battery Pack, Memory Stick PRO DuoTM slot and Hi-Speed USB. Some of you may wonder why Sony will still want to launch the PSP-E1000 when the Vita will blow it out of the water in terms of specs?

Well the simple answer is price, as Sony know that they cannot offer just a high-end device. Take Samsung, they have not got where they are just by offering top of the range smartphones like the Galaxy S II, they also do very well with their mid and entry-level handsets as well.

Sony knows that there is more potential at this moment in the entry-level market due to the lack of money from consumers. This is even something that Apple has now started to consider, since 2011 looks to be the year that there will be a low-cost iPhone.



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