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5 ways to improve your Android battery

We have seen over the past year that consumers have demanded more performance from smartphones, so the likes of HTC, Samsung and Motorola has obliged. However, there had to be a trade-off, and that was with battery power, as these handsets are not lasting like they once did. One of the worst offenders from all the latest phones has to be the HTC ThunderBolt, which has still not received the Gingerbread update that Verizon had promised.

Thankfully help is at hand, as there are 5 easy ways for you to improve your Android battery. Some are minor tweaks, whereas others will require you to download an app, but IntoMobile believes that this is a small price to pay in order to get more out of that battery.

Your first step is to install the Power Control app; this has to be installed to the phone and not the memory card, as it needs to be able to access certain features of the phone. This app makes it much simpler to turn off certain features that are known battery intensive with just the click of a button.

The next step is to adjust your mail app settings, as it is set to retrieve your mail all day by default. The thing is this is pointless and would be much better for the battery if you set it for once every hour, or even get your mail manually, as I do. One of the biggest drains is the screen, which has become a huge problem since screens have gotten much larger. All you need do is reduce the brightness of the screen so that it is still comfortable for you to read text etc.

The fourth tip is to find a few smart power setting apps. Instead of you having to turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc manually there are some apps that can turn different features off at certain times of the day. Finally when you have to update any apps, you should wait and do this when you are next to a power source, that way you will not drain the battery. We hope that these five tips are of use to you, and if you have any other helpful hints, then please feel free to share them with our readers.



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