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Skyfire 2.5.0 for iPad and Skyfire 3.3.0 for iPhone – list of changes

If you use Skyfire on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you will be well-aware of the app’s ‘Flashy’ features, well the guys at Skyfire Labs have been busy and recently rolled out new versions of their popular applications – we now know what changes / improvements these bring. For those of you who don’t know Skyfire allows you to view Flash content on your Apple device, therefore it has sold very well, so much so the app was downloaded 300,000 times in its first weekend and is said to be the top-grossing app in the available at the Apple App Store.

Let’s start with Skyfire 3.3.0 for iPhone, this new release is said to have zapped some bugs and also prepared the app for a more substantial update in the future. Once you have this version of the app installed you should notice that Skyfire now supports more Google Maps and push to talk features, also a Twitter pop up issue has been fixed and we are told that the Stuck in tab mode bug has been rectified.

Skyfire 2.5.0 for iPad includes all of the aforementioned changes, however you get one extra feature. Once installed and run the App on your iPad videos will launch in fullscreen mode by default – are you happy with this change?

In the release notes it clearly states that a more feature rich update is coming to both apps soon, therefore while you guys are here we thought we would ask you what you would like to see changed and what new features you would like to see. Feel free to get inventive in the comments section below.

You can grab Skyfire 3.3.0 for iPhone here and Skyfire 2.5.0 for iPad here. The app for iPhone costs $2.99, whilst the app for iPad costs $4.99 – you can find out more about these apps over at



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