Apple trying to block all Samsung Galaxy sales in Europe

Recently a German court upheld complaints from Apple about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and banned the device from European countries. This was quickly lifted as the court was acting outside its jurisdiction, but now we have news that Apple is trying to block all Samsung Galaxy sales in Europe.

The ongoing legal battle between the two companies has led Apple with its case in The Netherlands, to demand a total ban on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets. According to Computerworld Apple also wants a complete recall of stock from all European distributors and resellers.

The complaint by Apple is much deeper than previously thought, but the injunction may have a massive impact on the entire European market for the devices according to Canalys analyst Alastair Edwards. The complaint in The Hague district court is separate from the injunction that has been going on in the German court.

The complaint is for the entire Galaxy series of devices from Samsung which include the hugely popular Galaxy S and S II, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Tab 7 and Tab 10.1. Other Galaxy devices are also included that are the Nexus, Gio, Europa, Apollo, 551, and Mini. Apple wants a total block put on the devices that will cover manufacturing, selling, trading, distributing, and importing by Samsung Korea and its Dutch arms.

Apple wants Samsung and its partners to recall all the products involved from stock within fourteen days, and also offer compensation for the purchase price and shipping costs. Samsung are also requested to include a letter to its clients stating that if they don’t comply they will also be breaking Apple’s rights.

The court in The Hague will rule on the patent dispute on September 15th, and if any injunctions are upheld they won’t take effect before October 13. There are many in the industry who claim Apple are trying to kill off any competition by bringing out the various patent disputes it has with various companies.

One of the complaints it has against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is that it looks like the iPad 2. If you ever go into an electrical retailer and take a look at its stock of HDTVs, you will find they would all look pretty similar. But you don’t see these manufacturers constantly going to court with patent disputes.

What do you make of Apple’s claims against Samsung?



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