Full list of Battlefield 3 guns and equipment – anything missing?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 17, 2011

With Battlefield 3 a little over two months away people may be wondering what arsenal of weaponry will be at their disposal – well today we have a full list of guns and equipment for you to feast your eyes on which tells you what assault rifles, carbines, light machine guns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols and explosives etc you can take out the enemy with.

Let’s start with assault rifles, in BF3 you will be able to pick of the enemy with the AEK971, Ak74M, AN94, ASVAL, F2000, G3, KH2002, M16A4 and M416. If you are a fan of carbines you can put holes in your enemy with the A-91, AKS74U, G36C, M4A1, SCAR H and SG553LB.

There are seven light machine guns to choose from, many of which have been seen plenty of times in previous first-person shooters, these are the M249, M27 IAR, M40, M60, Pecheneg and the ever-popular RPK. Sub Machine guns can be very affective on some maps, however they are known for sometimes lacking in range and damage – in BF3 you have access to the MP7, P90, P90TR, PDR, PP2000 and UMP-45 – we loved the PP2000 in Modern Warfare 2, therefore it will be interesting to see how affective this gun is in EA DICE’s game.

Previously we told you how the EA DICE devs thought that sniper rifles were sometimes too effective, to balance things out BF3 snipers will have to put up with scope reflection and sway (which we think is a good decision) – if this doesn’t bother you there eight sniper rifles to choose from, these are the M40A5, M82A3, M98B, MK11, SV98 and SVD – if you are worried that there is no Barrett .50 cal don’t worry as it is called the M82A3 in BF3!

If you like to obliterate the enemy from close range you will no doubt be using a shotgun, in BF3 you can choose between the 870 MCS, DAO-12, M1014, Saiga 20K and USAS-12. As for Rocket launchers the AT4, FIM-92 Stinger, Javelin, RPG-7, SA-18 IGLA and SMAW will be available. In terms of pistols there is plenty of choice, here’s all of the pistols: Glock 17, Glock 18, M1911, M9, M93R, MP412, MP443 and T44.

Some of the equipment / weapons have been put into a miscellaneous category, these are the 60MM Mortar, C4 explosives, Claymore mine, M15 Anti tank mine, M18 Smoke grenades, M26 MASS with shotgun/Flechettes/frag round/solid slugs, M320 40mm launcher with grenades/smoke/shotgun and M67 Hand grenades. We are most excited about Claymores and mortars, how about you?

All of this information was sourced from BF3Blog, we would love to hear your opinion on the long-list of weapons – are there any guns missing? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Hummel2

    since all the weapons are faction oriented, the russian version of javellin is missing!  the 9M133 Kornet
    thus rocket lanchers are unballanced….

  • Swiss Mister

    battlefield did the pp2000 first

  • Nate

    M16a3 is missing. You can find it in the caspian trailer in the killfeed at a certain point i cant remember

  • Mattmonte14

    Biggest gun i se missing is one of my personal fvorites, the NeoStead 2000 bullpup shotgun, i loved the thing to death, nothing like blowing your enemys away with a bang

  • Lucage

    Claymores were a lot of fun in Battlefield 2, but mortars have been in the series for quite a while now.