MW3 Spec Ops: First impressions

By Gary Johnson - Aug 16, 2011

The anticipation for the upcoming release of the next Call of Duty installment as well as its rival Battlefield 3, is growing stronger now as more details of both games become available. The guns which are to be found in Modern Warfare 3 are now known. Today we have an article looking at the MW3 Spec Ops mode and first impressions.

Despite the release of battlefield 3 Modern Warfare 3 looks set to continue the success the franchise has seen over recent years. Now the team over at has managed to get some hands on time with one of the new modes from MW3. We have given you details of the Survival mode from the new game before, but now we have someone else’s opinion of it.

The Spec Ops mode was on the Modern Warfare 2 which was a hit with the majority of the games fans. Now fast forward to the latest installment to see an expanded Spec Ops mode, which now has the Survival mode. Players find themselves dropped into a map with just a couple of weapons to start with, and trying to defend yourself from wave after wave of foes.

It’s all about team work with players working together to defend parts of the map, and restocking the ammo and weapons when there is any lull in attacks. Each wave of enemy gets more difficult as you progress, but you do get the chance to gain special attacks and deployable ordinance between enemy waves.

Money can be earned from each kill to purchase gun modifications, gun turrets, and AI reinforcements. Survival mode doesn’t end with wave after wave of enemies coming at you until you finally meet your death, but the challenge will be going further than you did last time.

The enemies become really hard by the eighth wave, and if you haven’t identified parts of the map that are important or upgraded weapons you will be in for an even tougher time. Earlier in the game there is much fun to be had, which turns into the realization that eventually you can’t win but will have you wanting to survive for as long as possible.

It may not be the most original game but this is more than made up with the fun and challenge the game brings. It does seem the developers have worked really hard with the latest installment of Call of Duty; some of this may be down to the games competition this time round. Personally I was thinking of not getting Call of Duty this year, which would have been the first one I would have missed.

I have already pre-ordered battlefield 3, which will be the first Battlefield game I have played. Now after seeing more details of Modern Warfare 3 I have decided to pre-order this as well. This will give me the opportunity to compare and enjoy both games in their own right.

Are you getting both games?

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  • Anonymous

    “I have already pre-ordered battlefield 3, which will be the first Battlefield game I have played.”
    HOW? I don’t understand how people can’t have played any of the BF games, even though the franchise is as old as CoD…
    I bet you aren’t a real gamer, cuz this is simply impossible.

  • Thataboy85

    Yes I’ve ordered both games. I waited to see if the MW3 would be worth ordering which I think it is so I ordered it! Just sorry they aren’t adding any pre order goodies other than a poster!!! A poster that only a kid could put up on there wall!!!

  • gay

    if you play cod gtfo of battlefield 3.

  • guest

    Gary Johnson, this is an excellent preview. Thanks

  • Airman0386

    Just due to prices, I probably won’t be able to afford both, therefore I will probably be getting BF3.  In my opinion, Modern Warfare games are just too fake, all the “perks and killstreaks” are what ruin that game in my opinion.  Shoot someone dead in the head and they need to be dead, not on the ground shooting back with a pistol.  Don’t get me wrong, I have logged many hours in MW games, and enjoy them, but BF has always felt more real to me.  Thats why I will go with BF3 before MW3.
    I began on Counter Strike, btw. (I felt COD ripped off CS a lot.) But then again, everyone rips off everyone else anyways.

  • You are WACK!!

    I might get both, but I notice that the graphics improvements dice is doing to bf3 was already done by infinity ward first. They improved the graphics from cod4 to mw2. If dice makes a bf4 game they might keep the same engine from bf3 since it’s good. The world is full of haters so some people will hate mw3 and some will hate on bf3. At the end of the day both of these games are going to make a whole lot of money. I hate cod of duty games but at the same time i love them, lol. If it wasn’t for call of duty games the gaming industry would be boring, the only reason dice wants to have a better game is because they relized that there game wasn’t better then cod games. One advantage bf3 has over mw3 is that it comes out a earlier date probably rising the sales for bf3 slightly higher,but I’m sure not higher then mw3 games it’s just has to many fans.

    • Anonymous

      I know thousands of people who would disagree with you. Battlefield 2 remains to this day, 5 years after release, arguably one of the best military fps’s ever. Besides, if any game revolutionized the fps genre, it was counter strike, probably one of the first super popular fps games, and cod ripped off cs a lot. If i were to credit cod with anything, it would be the popularization of killstreaks and perks, however I would hardly call these “revolutionary.”

      DICE is making the best game they can because they love making games, not because of cod.

  • Noaf 9999