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Black Ops Rezurrection DLC: How to get Moon Zombies map pack for free

If you previously picked up the hardened or prestige version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, there is little doubt that you’re going to be very excited with the upcoming release of the Rezurrection map pack, which includes a free zombie map amongst other delights.

Yeah, we said that correctly, Activision are actually handing out a slice of free content believe it or not. If you picked up one of these versions of Black Ops, you’ll be able to pick up the Moon zombie pack as part of the Rezurrection pack when it hits the Xbox Live Marketplace on August 23rd.

But many are asking how exactly do you get the free map if you qualify for it? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Treyarch has just offered an official insight on how to pick up the content, and it turns out that you’ll simply need to select the new “FREE ZOMBIES LEVEL menu that appears providing you have qualified for the right criteria as mentioned above.

It’s worth pointing out that if you have the hardened or prestige editions, but you have yet to download the classic zombies pack which includes the remastered zombie maps from World at War, you can still continue to do this at any time and still have the chance to download the Moon map for free on August 23rd.

If you are after the free theme and soundtrack, Treyarch has also offered details on how to obtain this content on their official website. The theme will be available from the in-game store by selecting, ‘FREE OFFER’, while you’ll get the soundtrack thanks to a URL code that is offered by selecting the ‘Zombies Soundtrack’ option from the zombies menu.

How excited are you about playing the new Moon map on August 23rd? Are you confident that Treyarch will once again provide a detailed easter egg for you to get to grips with just like Shangri-La? This is thought to be the last zombies map from Treyarch, so we may also see the storyline tied up too which will be very interesting for those who have played every single zombies map.



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