Twitpic founder sets up Twitter rival – say hello to Heello

By Jamie Pert - Aug 11, 2011

The last few days have been quite big for Twitter, less than an hour ago we told you all about the slight changes which have in our opinion improved the the social microblogging website, also two days ago we revealed that you could now add an image to your tweets from the website – now we are hearing that the founder of Twitpic has launched a new social networking website.

The website is called Heello and it has the tagline “say hello to Heello”, it has obviously ‘borrowed’ ideas from Twitter so much so that Mashable describe it as a Twitter clone – we think that this is fair, but could it actually have a strong future? As previously mentioned the founder of Twitpic, Noah Everett, founded Heello, we wonder if this is becuase Twitter’s recently added add an image functionality makes Twitpic redundant – it sure seems that way.

Let’s quickly give you a run through the terminology. A ping can be 140 characters long and is basically the same as a tweet, it can be accompanied with a photo, video or location, you can echo people’s pings which is basically a retweet and you have both listeners and people you are listening to, yes you guessed it this is the same as followers and following. You can mention people in your pings by using the ‘@’ sign and then adding their Heello name. As you can see a lot of “borrowing” has taken place!

So far we have celebrities and companies using Twitter an Facebook for their social networking needs which makes both social networks attractive, Heello is more than capable of offering a similar user experience, however the biggest problem at the moment is that people are using Twitter and Facebook happily, even Google+ is struggling to attract celebrities!

On a personal note I do not want to sign up as my life seems to have been taken over by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ lately, but that said at first glance Heello looks great, it has the simplistic look of Twitter with some of the functionality which some of us have wanted Twitter to offer for years – will it succeed? We doubt it, but its future is brighter than Twitpic.

You can sign up to Heello here, I doubt I will use it however have setup an account just in case – my username is @jam1epert.

Have you used Heello? If so, do you like it?

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  • JackeyIT

    Heello is nice website, I like it! 

  • I’m been using it since yesterday, so far I like it. I find all the spam on the site really annoying though.